Hat Racks and Headgear Storage Concepts for Cap Collectors

“Wearing multiple hats” is something that many people claim to do – but how are they
storing all those hats? Different types of headgear require different storage solutions, so here are a few to consider:

  • For baseball cap collectors, Over-the-door Cap Racks provide a budget-friendly, space-saving way to store up to 16 caps.  If that’s not enough to contain your cap collection, consider the Perfect Curve Cap Rack: it can hold up to 36 baseball caps for storage or display over a door, on a wall or even hanging from the ceiling.
  • Storing ladies’ hats safely in a way that keeps them dust-free is another type of storage challenge. Hatboxes have been
    around for centuries but there weren’t any major variations until relatively recently. Now there’s the pyramid-shaped yet uniquely stackable Millinery Vault. This clever contraption (available in clear plastic, and in pink or red cardboard) is designed to protect hats and save space. A coordinated carry-handle makes them easy to transport.
  • Brim Styles Cowboy Hat Storage CaseFor storage and transport of cowboy hats and other brimmed hats, there’s the hinged Brim Styles Hat Storage Case, which includes a mirror and adjustable hat rest.


Brim Styles Cowboy Hat Storage Case


Answer: Antique stemware storage

Q. ​ I am trying to find storage unit for 12 antique stemware 4 1/8” diam. x 6 1/8” tall. So far everything seems to have smaller diam. sections and a lot taller. Am I missing something? Do you have anything close to my size needs?

A. It’s true that the dimensions of most stemware storage container sections are under 4 inches diameter, but I was able to locate two different chests that could accommodate your antique goblets: Microfiber Wine Goblet Chest Image

Jewelry Organizers

Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, rings – there are probably more categories of jewelry than any other accessory. But it’s the subcategories that make it tricky to find the best jewelry organizers for your needs. For example, chain necklaces require
special storage
to keep them from getting knotted and tangled, and should be kept away Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet - Hinge Mounted Imagefrom necklaces made of pearls, gems or beads since those need to be stored in a scratch-free environment.

If you have a lot of jewelry but lack space for a full-size jewelry armoire, the Hinge Mounted Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet is a compact compromise. Hidden behind a full-length mirror is a velvet-lined cabinet with multiple hooks for hanging necklaces and bracelets, along with holders for all sizes of rings and earrings, and a keepsake drawer.

If you’ve somehow managed to avoid accumulating mass quantities of jewelry, the Smart
Jewelry Case
is a streamlined solution for safely storing a limited quantity of baubles. The travel-ready rubber-coated hard case features a velvet anti-tarnish liner and a two-sided design: One side has a patented soft-peg system that keeps necklaces both untangled and scratch-free; the opposite side includes secure compartments for earrings, pins and other pieces.





Purse Storage Solutions

Short-handled handbags, long-strapped shoulder bags, tiny clutches and floppy totes – Park-A-Purse Organizer - Modular Image
these extremes in purse physiology can create a storage challenge even if you don’t keep mass quantities of any types of purses.

Hanging strappy bags and totes from conveniently located hooks is an effective and time-honored tradition; likewise, storing evening clutches in drawers and organizing flat-bottomed handbags on shelves may work just fine.

But if those old standbys don’t do the trick, there are now Over the Door Handbag Organizer Image
many different kinds of specialized purse storage options.   Here are three worth considering:

  • The modular Park-A-Purse Organizer, designed for use on wire racks and closet shelving, features 10 compartments with adjustable and removable panels for customizing the spaces so you can keep purses of various sizes upright and neatly separated.Swiveling Handbag Hanger Image
  • The Over the Door Handbag Organizer utilizes
    door space (it can also be mounted on a wall) with nine storage pockets that can be adjusted to accommodate purses of all different sizes.
  • The Swiveling Handbag Hanger hangs from a closet rod yet doesn’t take up much closet space thanks to the clever swivel design.





Organizing Excess Office Supplies

If you have an overabundance of office supplies, you’re not alone.  Overloading on these products is easy to do since many of them seem inexpensive–pens, highlighters, scissors, paperclips, notepads, Post-it notes, etc.  Yet they add up quickly and can take up a lot of space.

Instead of clogging your drawers and cabinets with a buildup of office product inventory, use them to create “mini-offices”—small containers filled with the most frequently used supplies. Then distribute them in convenient places throughout your home, especially any place you tend to sit and read or do paperwork.  (The kitchen, dining table, bedroom, bathroom and home office are all popular paper-processing and piling places.)  The supplies you choose for your mini-offices should be the ones that you’ve wished were handy but never have been–until now.

If space is at a premium, the clever Under Desk Organizer is a good alternative–it can also be mounted under a counter or table top.Under Desk Organizer Image

Finally, allocate a limited space such as an out-of-the-way drawer or box for storing back-up supplies. If after this process you still have mass quantities of extra office supplies left, donate them to a nonprofit.


Answer: Car Visor Organizer

Q. I recently bought a Car Visor Storage Band.  Unfortunately, my visor is very small, and it doesn’t fit. Ideally what I would like is something that will fit horizontally along the long side of my car visor. I don’t care if it covers up both sides of the visor, I just need something that will hold securely, and I can clip little handheld walkie talkies to the back of. My car visor measures 14.5 inches by 5 inches. Do you have anything that would work for this?

A. Your car visor’s 5-inch height is indeed narrower than most visor organizers.  The Visor Registration Wallet is 5 inches by 10.5 inches so it should fit. Visor Registration Wallet Image If you’d prefer a different type of visor organizer, the Grid-It is only slightly larger at 5.25 inches by 13.55 inches.


Conquering Cord and Cable Clutter

Video cables, USB cables, charging unit cables—all of these and more, along Electro Man Multi-Outlet Extension Cord Imagewith numerous kinds of appliance cords, are typical contributors to cable and cord clutter. To the rescue are many types of cord and cable organizers designed to untangle this knotty problem.  Here are three worth considering:

  • The Electro-Man Multi-Outlet Extension Cord provides four plugs that are far enough apart to accommodate devices with big plug adapters that would normally take 2 spaces in a charger strip.Desk Cord Organizer Image
  • The Cable Zipper Wire Management System offers a simple solution to wire mess by allowing you to “zip” together a mass of cords into streamlined flexible tubes.
  • The Desk Cord Organizer keeps up to five cords and cables cleanly separated, tangle-free and easy to access.


Kitchen & Bathroom Organizing Tips​, Part ​3: Cabinets

Clean out cabinets by asking yourself which items really deserve to live in your cabinets and which ones are unwelcome guests. ​​Let go of things that have been taking up space Slide-Out Cabinet Organizer Basket - Silver Imagefor so long you can’t even remember acquiring them. (This includes all those cute little hotel toiletries you’ve stockpiled from every trip you’ve ever taken.)

Set limits by deciding what quantity of certain items is reasonable to have on hand (do you really need 80 grocery bags or six types of moisturizer?) and resolve to make a conscious effort to stay within those limits.Hair Styling Organizer - Cabinet Door Image


Choosing the right cabinet organizers can help you maintain orderly kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

Three types to consider:

  • Slide-out or roll-out organizers, also known as pull-Adjustable Shelf and Basket Organizer Imageouts, are good options for deep cabinets since they provide easy access to supplies that might otherwise get lost in the cave-like far reaches.
  • Over-door cabinet door organizers let you utilize cabinet doors for storing frequently used items.
  • Shelf organizers such as the Adjustable Shelf and Basket Organizer allow you to effectively use vertical space for stacking supplies instead of piling them.









Answer: Commercial refrigerator organizers

Q. ​I own a restaurant and we have 3 reach-in refrigeration units. They are 25 inches deep and 55 inches wide–I was looking for plastic clear b​i​ns that are like a drawer that I can put produce in etc. Do u have such a product or any ideas?

A. I think this clear plastic under-bed storage drawer could work for your needs if you put two side by side on each shelf–they measure 23.75″ deep and 27″ wide. Plastic Under Bed Storage Drawer - White Image

Kitchen & Bathroom Organizing Tips​, Part ​2: Drawers

​​​You can prevent clutter from creeping into drawers by using dividers to slice up the space into easy-access sections. Multi-compartment drawer organizers such as cutlery trays can be useful, but sometimes encourage cluttering by providing too many or too few sections for your needs, and/or compartments with dimensions that aren’t compatible with the shapes and sizes of items you need to store in them.Expandable and Adjustable Drawer Dividers Kit Image

A better choice: the Expandable and Adjustable Drawer Dividers Kit lets you divide your drawers from side to side and/or front to back.

Sized for medium shallow drawers (2.5 inches high), the kit consists of two easy-to-install spring-loaded dividers that fit drawers from 17 1/2  to 21 inches long plus three slide-in dividers for additional customizing.

For smaller but deeper drawers, the 4.25-inch-high Expandable Drawer Dividers fit drawers from 12 to 16 inches long.

You can find more types of adjustable drawer organizers here.

Next week: Tips for organizing cabinets.