Answer: Car Visor Organizer

Q. I recently bought a Car Visor Storage Band.  Unfortunately, my visor is very small, and it doesn’t fit. Ideally what I would like is something that will fit horizontally along the long side of my car visor. I don’t care if it covers up both sides of the visor, I just need something that will hold securely, and I can clip little handheld walkie talkies to the back of. My car visor measures 14.5 inches by 5 inches. Do you have anything that would work for this?

A. Your car visor’s 5-inch height is indeed narrower than most visor organizers.  The Visor Registration Wallet is 5 inches by 10.5 inches so it should fit. Visor Registration Wallet Image If you’d prefer a different type of visor organizer, the Grid-It is only slightly larger at 5.25 inches by 13.55 inches.


Conquering Cord and Cable Clutter

Video cables, USB cables, charging unit cables—all of these and more, along Electro Man Multi-Outlet Extension Cord Imagewith numerous kinds of appliance cords, are typical contributors to cable and cord clutter. To the rescue are many types of cord and cable organizers designed to untangle this knotty problem.  Here are three worth considering:

  • The Electro-Man Multi-Outlet Extension Cord provides four plugs that are far enough apart to accommodate devices with big plug adapters that would normally take 2 spaces in a charger strip.Desk Cord Organizer Image
  • The Cable Zipper Wire Management System offers a simple solution to wire mess by allowing you to “zip” together a mass of cords into streamlined flexible tubes.
  • The Desk Cord Organizer keeps up to five cords and cables cleanly separated, tangle-free and easy to access.


Kitchen & Bathroom Organizing Tips​, Part ​3: Cabinets

Clean out cabinets by asking yourself which items really deserve to live in your cabinets and which ones are unwelcome guests. ​​Let go of things that have been taking up space Slide-Out Cabinet Organizer Basket - Silver Imagefor so long you can’t even remember acquiring them. (This includes all those cute little hotel toiletries you’ve stockpiled from every trip you’ve ever taken.)

Set limits by deciding what quantity of certain items is reasonable to have on hand (do you really need 80 grocery bags or six types of moisturizer?) and resolve to make a conscious effort to stay within those limits.Hair Styling Organizer - Cabinet Door Image


Choosing the right cabinet organizers can help you maintain orderly kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

Three types to consider:

  • Slide-out or roll-out organizers, also known as pull-Adjustable Shelf and Basket Organizer Imageouts, are good options for deep cabinets since they provide easy access to supplies that might otherwise get lost in the cave-like far reaches.
  • Over-door cabinet door organizers let you utilize cabinet doors for storing frequently used items.
  • Shelf organizers such as the Adjustable Shelf and Basket Organizer allow you to effectively use vertical space for stacking supplies instead of piling them.









Answer: Commercial refrigerator organizers

Q. ​I own a restaurant and we have 3 reach-in refrigeration units. They are 25 inches deep and 55 inches wide–I was looking for plastic clear b​i​ns that are like a drawer that I can put produce in etc. Do u have such a product or any ideas?

A. I think this clear plastic under-bed storage drawer could work for your needs if you put two side by side on each shelf–they measure 23.75″ deep and 27″ wide. Plastic Under Bed Storage Drawer - White Image

Kitchen & Bathroom Organizing Tips​, Part ​2: Drawers

​​​You can prevent clutter from creeping into drawers by using dividers to slice up the space into easy-access sections. Multi-compartment drawer organizers such as cutlery trays can be useful, but sometimes encourage cluttering by providing too many or too few sections for your needs, and/or compartments with dimensions that aren’t compatible with the shapes and sizes of items you need to store in them.Expandable and Adjustable Drawer Dividers Kit Image

A better choice: the Expandable and Adjustable Drawer Dividers Kit lets you divide your drawers from side to side and/or front to back.

Sized for medium shallow drawers (2.5 inches high), the kit consists of two easy-to-install spring-loaded dividers that fit drawers from 17 1/2  to 21 inches long plus three slide-in dividers for additional customizing.

For smaller but deeper drawers, the 4.25-inch-high Expandable Drawer Dividers fit drawers from 12 to 16 inches long.

You can find more types of adjustable drawer organizers here.

Next week: Tips for organizing cabinets.

​​Kitchen and Bathroom Organizing, Part 1: Counters

Kitchens and bathrooms are alike in terms of their typical clutter-collecting areas: counters, cabinets and drawers.  To reorganize and keep these areas clutter-free, start with the most visible sections.  Here’s how to counter your counter clutter:

1. Clear off counters by moving all items temporarily onto trays or into baskets.

Bathroom Storage Chest Image2. Put back only the things that are used at least daily, and use counter-top organizers for
keeping those items handy.  If your counter space is very limited, choose storage solutions designed to utilize vertical space, such as a doubledecker Lazy Susan, a make-up carousel or this clever Bathroom Storage Chest.

3. Weed whatever’s left so that you only have what you actually use, and relocate those items to drawers or cabinets.

Next week:  Tips for organizing drawers.


Answer: 2-Tier shelf for file baskets

Q. I am thinking about purchasing 4 of these file baskets. I am wondering if you sell a 2 tierHandwoven Rattan File Basket Image shelf that they would fit on if I put 2 baskets next to each other on each tier?

A.  Since the file basket dimensions are 15.5″ wide x 12.5″ deep x 13″ high, I believe
this bookcase (39″wide x 13″deep x 30″ high) should accommodate 4 file baskets.  3 Shelf Bookcase Image


Organizing with wall file pockets

Designed to be mounted on a vertical surface, wall file pockets – also known as hot filesDeflecto Magnetic File Pocket Image or wall pockets – are used in offices for storing frequently used file folders and other materials.  But they can also work well for keeping various resources accessible in your kitchen and other areas of your home. Made of plastic, wire mesh or wood and available in a variety of sizes, some are magnetized so they can stick to refrigerators as well as file cabinets.

Three-Tier Wall Mount File Pocket - ChromeIn the kitchen you can use one on the fridge as a handy home for escaped recipes, takeout menus, coupons, appliance instructions or any papers that seem to live on your counters.

In other rooms (including the bathroom), wall-mounted pockets make convenient magazine holders.

Christmas Decoration Organizers, Part 2

Twinkling holiday lights are a pleasure to see but can be a pain to hang, remove and store. This is especially true when snarled light strings and broken bulbs cause decorating delays and frustration.  The Easy Install Christmas Light Storage system helps solve these holiday headaches with three spools that provide tangle-free storage for up to three strands of 100-foot lights. The system also makes the light installation and removal processes easier thanks to thInstall and Store Christmas Light Storage Imagee included Versa-Clamp that attaches to your ladder or gutter to hold the spools while you decorate.  A similar holiday lights storage product is made by Honey-Can-Do.Multi-Use Rolling Storage Bag Image

Reusable Christmas trees and wreaths offer a different type of storage challenge.  Fortunately there is now a wide variety of wreath storage and  Christmas tree storage solutions to choose from. The Expandable Rolling Christmas Tree Storage Bag and multi-use Rolling Storage Bag, both by TreeKeeper, are among the most versatile and efficient options.


Christmas Decoration Organizers, Part 1

Holiday decorations are delightful to see – except when they haven’t been put up in time for the holidays, or if they’ve been left up long past New Year’s Day.

One way to keep your decorating schedule on track is to use easy-to-access systems specifically designed for safe storage of fragile ornaments, lights and artificial greenery. Anything that can make the hanging-up and putting-away processes easier and less time-consuming is worth a try.

To prevent decoration damage and disorder,Zippered Ornament Storage Box Image ornament storage boxes are a good investment–they have compartments for individual ornaments so you don’t need to wrap them individually (a huge timesaver).  The Zippered Ornament Storage Box offers safe storage for up to 48 Christmas tree ornaments.If you need more compartments, the Ornament Keeper Ornament Storage Box has spaces for 72 and also includes a large zippered pouch on the front that’s designed to hold a tree skirt.

Next week:  Organizers for holiday lights, trees and wreaths.