Answer: Organizing video tapes & audio cassettes

Q. What is the best & most efficient way to organize a large collection of video tapes and a large collection of cassette tapes?

A.  By “large” I’ll assume you mean more than 100 of each, and by “collection” I’ll guess you mean that they’re together.  To organize both types of media, start by making a list of broad categories for each (examples: Comedy, Drama, Documentary; Classical, Country, R&B);  this should help you to group them by category.  Then create category labels for the shelves or dividers (a labeler is helpful for this).

To store your collections efficiently:


Answer: ​Home-schooling & Scrapbooking on the Same Desk

Q. ​I am a homeschooling mother as well as a stamper/scrapbooker. I am lucky enough to have a fairly large desk in my den but it is difficult to have homeschooling books, folders, etc. as well as scrapbooking tools, etc. on the same desk and still have enough room to actually DO the work on the desk.  What I’d really like is to have space to work but also things I use frequently close by. Any suggestions you can give me would be really appreciated!

A.  An under-desk cart or rollaway storage unit could allow you to efficiently utilize the space underneath and/or next to your desk.  Here are a few examples:

Answer: Organizing photos

Q. I come from the “old school” before the time of storing photos on electronic devices. Unfortunately, I have the bottom of a cabinet stuffed with disorganized photos, frames, albums half finished, and other misc. items that have to do with photos and memories to be saved. I don’t even know where to start. I have five children and 16 grandchildren with lots of photos! Help!

A.  It’s understandable to feel overwhelmed when you think of putting all those photographs in order. I recommend starting out with a photo organizing system that allows you to see progress quickly so you don’t get bogged down trying to create perfect photo albums.  Here are three different types of photo organizers that are simple to use so you can swiftly organize hundreds or even thousands of photos:

If you decide you need help with your photo organizing project, you can find a professional photo organizer through the Association of Personal Photo Organizers.

Answer: Containers that keep dry foods fresh

Q. ​ ​Do you have any food containers that will keep dry food from going stale even when new moisture is reintroduce when top has been removed?

A.  Buddeez Bag-in Food Storage Containers are designed to hold the original food box or bag and keep the contents fresh.  They have an air-tight seal and can also be used without the original food packaging.  The containers are available in a variety of sizes.

Easy Pour Food Storage Container and Dispenser Image


Answer: Storing toiletries

Q.  I need help in having bathroom products handy (hairspray, deodorant, etc.) in a bathroom for a wedding reception. There is almost no space on the counter and none on the floor. There is some space on the side of toilet wall near and over the sinks. I think I will need to hang something there but need it easily visible and accessible. Also do you have any ideas for putting something in the ladies bathroom over the stall doors for personal hygiene products? Any suggestions will be welcome.

A. For the wall space, the Skinny Shelf might be a good fit–it’s a mere 16 1/2 inches wide and 4 inches deep.  For the stall doors, you should be able to use an over-door basket, available in various sizes and shapes.


Answer: Storing craft pen supplies

Q. ​What is the best way to store different kinds of craft pens–I have two 36″ drawers with plastic little baskets full of all kinds of pens, pencils, marker, etc.–so I can see and get to them easily?

AAcrylic Drawer Organizer - 12 x 3 Inch Image.  Instead of little baskets, I’d suggest clear acrylic drawer organizers perhaps combined with adjustable drawer dividers (these come in a wide range of sizes and materials).  Of course, pens can also be stored vertically in various types of desktop organizers, such as the Desk Carousel.

Another option to consider is the Crafter’s Companion 72-slot pen & marker storage system.

Answer: Electronic clutter

Q. How to organise the many cell phone/IPad/IPod/computer chargers?

A. Keeping chargers accessible and organized can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are products made to specifically address this challenge–they’re called charging stations.  Most are made to charge only one or two devices, but these are designed for more and also provide a place to organize your electronic gadgets while they’re charging:

  • The Bamboo Charging Station  features four places to charge your devices and a holder in the back for accessories.
  • The Ricardo Wooden Charging Station goes beyond charging–in addition to providing three sections where electronics can be plugged in, it offers storage for jewelry, watches, wallets, loose change, etc., making it ideal for keeping your dresser-top organized.

Ricardo Wooden Charging Station in Java Finish by Mele & Co. Image


Answer: Jewelry craft storage

Q.  I have a jewelry-making business and I need a good way to store my items for my crafting. I have items as small as the seed beads to large beads, wire, multiple colors, and just imagine with this type of business how difficult it is to store all my items that is also easy to see what I need when I need it?!

A.  Depending on the quantities, sizes and how many kinds of supplies you need to keep on hand, there are multiple craft storage options to choose from.   The ones that seem most popular with beaders and jewelry-makers are:

Whichever you choose, I recommend using a professional quality label-maker to label drawers and sections so you’ll always know what goes where.Brother Personal Label Maker Image

See what other jewelry-makers are using to organize their crafting supplies.

Answer: Keeping track of papers

Q. ​For my job I have a lot of papers that need signatures from various people. I have ADHD and have difficulty keeping track. For example, I will go to someone’s office to get their signature, they aren’t there so I put the document back on my desk and forget about it until I am cleaning up my desk at the end of the week. Frustrating. Any advice?

A.  It sounds like you need some type of reminder system to help you remember what actions need to be taken and when. For easily noting reminders, a simple visual system such as a prominently placed large whiteboard can be effective, with a clearly labeled paper tray system nearby to hold the documents that need signatures. Stackable Letter Tray - Black Image

You could also try a web-based reminder system which sends you reminders via e-mail or text message.



Answer: Storing hangers

Q. What’s the best way to store hangers when not in use? It’s not convenient to store them on the rack.

A.  It depends on what type(s) of hangers, how many you want to store and your available storage space.  There are two main types of hanger storage products to choose from–stacking and hanging:

Hanger Hamper - Plaid Image