Bathroom cabinet storage solutions

Towels, toilet paper, toiletries, cleaning supplies…there never seems to be enough bathroom cabinet space for storing these necessities.  But installing another cabinet may seem like more trouble and expense than it’s worth.

The solution: free-standing bathroom cabinets.  These cleverly crafted units offer easily accessible shelves and compartments in a variety of different styles. Here are three types of space-saving bathroom cabinet storage solutions, none of which require installation:

  • One often-overlooked area is the wall space over the toilet tank.  Luckily there are quite a few excellent over-the-toilet shelving options. Also known as etageres, some feature towel racks for hanging towels, while others–such as the Over-Toilet Space Saver–provide cabinet storage plus an open shelf.
  •  Bathroom tower cabinets offer slim, stand-alone storage that utilizes vertical space, with a combination of open and enclosed shelving.
  • Alongside the commode there’s usually a sliver of space that seems too narrow for a useful storage solution–but the Toilet Paper Storage Cabinet is designed especially for that space.  And the slender unit (6.25 inches wide) can hold more than toilet paper: while the main cabinet has enough room for up to 12 rolls of tissue, you can also use it for storing cleaning supplies.  Plus there’s a top drawer and a flip-top compartment for keeping personal items discreetly hidden yet handy.


Remote Control Organizers

“Where’s the remote?!”   Almost everyone has either uttered or heard that universal cry of frustration. It’s funny how something called a remote control can make us feel so out of control.

If misplaced remotes are a common source of annoyance in your household, it’s time to tackle your clicker clutter. The simplest solution is to obtain a holder designed to keep your remotes organized and handy. Here are four very different styles of remote control organizers, each with its own special twist:

  • The Spinning Remote Control Caddy features five compartments on a five-inch turntableSpinning Remote Control Caddy - Brown Image that spins to allow easy access to all your remotes. Four of the compartments are sized to accommodate most clickers, while the large center section can hold DVD or Blu-Ray cases, a video game box or TV channel listings.
  • The Acrylic Clicker Caddy is a sleek storage option that can hold even the largest universal remotes. The clear design lets you quickly see all of your remote controls, and the center divider has a handle that makes the holder easy to carry.
  • The Armchair Remote Caddy is a space-saver that lets you neatly store up to fourArmchair Remote Caddy Image remotes on the arm of your recliner or sofa.  Constructed of heavy-duty nylon material, with a weighted end and a retainer rod that tucks into the armchair to keep the caddy in place, the unit has four pockets sized to hold remotes or reading glasses, plus a large elastic band for storing a newspaper or magazines.
  •  For sports fans, the Clickball Remote Control Caddy is a unique football-shaped remote control organizer that’s hard to lose.


Answer: Narrow pantry

Q. We have a 3-ft-wide space that is 8 ft deep (long and narrow). Wanted to create a storage pantry with shelves. I prefer white melamine unless you have another suggestion on material. What would you suggest?

A. Instead of white melamine, which can be high maintenance & tends to get scratched up, I recommend a coated wire shelving system: the FreedomRail Pantry Starter Kit.
It’s available in several sizes that would fit your space.

freedomRail Wire Pantry Starter Closet Image


Can Storage Solutions

Ever wish you could instantly organize your jumbled canned foods and beverages?  Well, now you can.

If you’ve got a cabinet or pantry full of disorganized cans and no time to get them in order, take heart. Here are three different can storage solutions that make it easy to quickly organize your can clutter:

  •  The Chrome Wire Can Storage Rack provides three spacious shelves (18 inches wide by 16 inches Chrome Wire Can Storage Rack Imagedeep) of storage space for canned goods, designed to accommodate a total of up to 45 cans of varying sizes.  The shelves are slanted to allow the next can in line to roll to the front (a rim keeps cans from rolling off the shelf), and the base has rubber feet to keep the unit firmly in place.
  • The slim (only 5.5 inches wide), compact Canned Food Dispenser stores up to nine 10.5- to 16-ounce cans on two levels.  When you remove a can from the bottom tier, another can takes its place thanks to the gravity-feed release system.  This space-saving can storage system also works well on refrigerator shelves to keep soda cans neatly stored and easy to grab.
  • If you need even more storage for beverage cans in your fridge, the White Wire 24-Can Beverage Dispenser holdsWhite Wire 24-Can Beverage Dispenser Image up to 24 standard soda cans, keeps the next can at your fingertips and even has a top storage shelf for holding additional beverages or food containers.  Despite the name, this canned beverage dispenser will also hold canned foods and may be used on pantry shelves or inside cabinets.




Garden Hose Organizers

If you’ve got a garden, you’ve probably experienced hose clutter.  Unruly garden hoses have a way of creating chaos–not only do they look messy, they’re potentially hazardous (as anyone who has ever tripped over a hose tangle can attest).

Luckily there are several helpful hose clutter remedies to choose from.  Here are three types of garden hose organizers that provide convenient and safe storage:

  • Hose reel systems allow you to easily retract your hose, tangle-free–and then keepHose Reel Hideaway - Taupe Image it neatly hidden away and protected from the elements when not in use.  The Hose Reel Hideaway has two special features: an Easylink system which ensures a water-tight connection between your hose and the reel; and a Smart Trak hose guide that tracks the hose neatly onto the reel.  A more deluxe hose reel system is the Hydro Power Auto Rewind Hose Reel, a water-powered automatic hose reel that rewinds your hose hands-free with the flip of a lever.
  • Hose pots such as the Garden Hose Storage Pot are more decorative but less user-friendly than hose reels.  Designed to look like wide planter pots with a side opening for the hose to come through, they require you to manually coil the hose inside the pot.
  • Wall-mounted hose holders such as the Filigree Garden Hose Holder also require the effort of manual hose Filigree Garden Hose Holder Imagecoiling but take up the least amount of space, and are the most economical option.  Hose holders are available in a variety of styles.

Answer: Covered flatware organizer

Q. I’ve been searching for a covered flatware organizer and can’t find one anywhere. I don’t have kitchen drawers to put an organizer in (I live in an odd, efficiency apartment), and right now I just have an open flatware holder on a kitchen island. I think I’d be less likely to just throw the utensils in there if I had a lid, and they’d stay cleaner.  Any suggestions?

A. I was able to find a covered cutlery organizer but I’m not sure how well it would work for your situation–having to remove and replace the lid each time you use it seems like a nuisance.  You might want to consider a creative alternative such as keeping a flatware drawer organizer inside a flip-open container–this breadbox is one example. Deluxe Steel Bread Box - White Image

Rolling storage drawers

Rolling storage drawers are one of the easiest ways to create instant accessible storage. These mobile carts–available in a variety of drawer sizes and configurations–are especially useful for organizing everything from clothing, linens, accessories and toys to all types of supplies: office supplies, paper goods, non-perishable food….whatever you want to keep handy yet out of the way.

Here are some of my favorite types of rolling storage drawers:

  • The Wide Three-Drawer Storage Chest rolls anywhere you need it and offers three spacious drawers (19 1/4 inches wide Iris Wide Three-Drawer Storage Chest - White Imagex 6 1/4 inches high x 14 inches deep) constructed of clear, acid-free plastic to allow for quick identification of contents such as art and scrapbook supplies in the craft room; paper and office supplies at work; clothing and linens in a closet; or tools and parts in the garage.  Each drawer can be removed from the frame for easy loading and unloading.  The four casters are also removable.
  • For storing smaller or fewer items, the slim (12.8 inches wide), clear Plastic Storage Chest with 4 Drawers includes two shallow drawers (each 3 inches high) atop two deeper drawers (each 7 inches high).  The entire unit is topped with a divided organizer that provides conveniently accessible storage for frequently used supplies. Four casters offer mobility or can be removed for a stationary storage solution.
  • If you prefer opaque drawers, the sleek Three Drawer Mobile Storage cart features three black polyester drawersMobile Storage - Three Drawer Image with metal grommets and reinforced bottoms; a top shelf cradled by chrome handles; and heavy-duty locking casters.

More rolling storage drawer options can be found here.

Mop and broom storage space-savers

Want to get a handle on your Spring cleaning?  Long-handled cleaning tools (mops, brooms, Swiffers, dusters) are necessities–but all too often they’re stuffed in a closet corner or in the gap alongside the fridge.

The right storage system will make all your cleaning implements and supplies handy to grab and easy to put away.  You can keep everything accessible and organized year-round with these space-saving mop and broom storage solutions:

  • The Clincher Mop and Broom Holder features six spring-activated rubber cams designed to securely hold any type of The Clincher Mop and Broom Holder Imagebroom or mop handle; five hooks to provide storage for dusters, cleaning cloths and other small items; a 4-inch-deep shelf for storing cleaning chemicals and spray bottles; and color-coded labels to help you organize your supplies.  The thoughtful design also keeps hanging supplies stored 4 inches away from the wall so you don’t have to worry about damage from wet mopheads or damp rags.
  • The OXO Good Grips Expandable Wall-Mounted Organizer expands from 15 to 24 inches wide and holds up to 12 long-handled items, with four CamLock holders that automatically adjust to grip pole diameters from 0.5 to 1.25 inches, plus 8 hooks.
  • The Store ‘N Slide Mop and Broom Organizer can mount into deep, tight and/or narrow spacesSlide-Out Mop and Broom Holder Image that are often wasted (such as the wall next to a refrigerator or washing machine), creating slide-out hanging storage for mops, brooms and sweepers. Featuring a friction ball design that securely grips handles up to 1.25 inches thick, and a sliding rail that can be mounted to slide either left or right, the organizer holds up to five cleaning tool handles.

RV Kitchen Organizers

If you think your kitchen is too small, imagine RV living.

Any type of tiny kitchen needs to be efficient, utilizing every inch of space.  RVers know how to do this better than anybody (except boat-dwellers).  That’s why many small kitchens can benefit from using certain kinds of space-saving RV Accessories.

Spaces that are often forgotten in larger kitchens must be put to good use in smaller kitchens.  Here are several different RV kitchen organizers designed to maximize even the smallest kitchen:

  • When there’s no floor space for a trash can or even a wastebasket, instead of “thinking outside the box” you’ve got Axis Chrome Over Cabinet Wastebasket Imageto think inside the cabinet.  A good example is the Axis Chrome Over the Cabinet Door Wastebasket which holds 4-gallon trash bags and requires no installation–it fits neatly on cabinet doors measuring up to 3/4-inch thick. It can also function as a plastic bag recycler, kitchen wrap organizer or deep all-purpose storage basket. The over-door hooks are lined with soft foam rubber to protect cabinet surfaces.
  • If your drawer space is limited, you can store kitchen knives and utensils on the Magnetic Knife Holder–it’s designed to be mounted on a wall or inside a cabinet door. Available in both 10-inch and 18.5-inch models, it features a stainless steel frame with two inset magnetic strips that are strong enough to securely hold knives and other metal cooking implements.
  • With cabinet space at a premium, don’t overlook the area directly underneath cupboardsPaper Plate Dispenser Image and over counters–that’s where you can attach dispensers for frequently used supplies such as paper towels, paper napkins, paper plates and disposable bowls.  (The Paper Plate Dispenser also can hold plastic or foam plates.)

And if you wish to keep a box of Kleenex in the kitchen but lack counter space, the clear plastic Wall Mounted Tissue Box Holder is a handy solution.

Coffee Storage Solutions

If you want to wake up and smell the coffee, first you need to store it properly.  But with so many varieties currently available–and contributing to coffee clutter–this can be quite a challenge.

Fortunately there are now a number of coffee storage solutions to choose from.  Here are three different kinds of coffee organizers that will help you keep your coffee supplies fresh and easily accessible:

  • Single-serve coffee containers create a particular storage challenge, but there are several different coffee pod organizers designed to accommodate single-serve containers. Coffee Pod Holder Image The cylindrical mesh Coffee Pod Holder is a good example–it features four swing-out compartments that can hold up to a total of 28 coffee pods, designed to fit all different pod sizes and shapes; and inserts with indentations for holding the pods (removable if you want to store other accessories).  The unit is topped with a circular faux-bamboo shelf that’s handy for holding mugs, sweeteners and other essentials.
  • For safely storing up to 1 pound of freshly ground coffee or whole beans, the Coffee Canister with Scoop is a simple solution. Made of a clear plastic with a UV-blocking tint that keeps light out to preserve freshness, the 1.5-quart capacity canister includes a latching lid with a silicone lip that creates a tight, suctioned seal, and a one-tablespoon scoop that neatly stores inside the lid.
  • If bagged coffee is your preference, the Bag-In Coffee Storage Container and Dispenser is Bag-In Coffee Storage Container and Dispenser Imagedesigned to hold a 10- to 14-ounce bag of coffee beans or grounds, and features an innovative bag gripper design, a lid with an
    an airtight seal and pouring spout for clean dispensing, and a 2-tablespoon scoop. The unique bag gripper lid fits inside your original coffee bag for clean pouring every time.  This bag-in storage design helps keep the container clean and coffee fresher longer.