Outdoor Themed Room Dividers


Bring the Great Outdoors Inside with an Outdoor Themed Room Divider!

With summer in full bloom, many of us find ourselves wanting to escape the heat and get indoors, ironically.  But to still have that summery, outdoor feel indoors and out, what do we do?  A great solution to this is an outdoor themed room divider!  These can take any form you like, and can provide either a very subtle outdoor feel, or make you feel like you are sipping champagne on the French Riviera! 

For a more subtle way to bring the outside in during the summer, or year round, try a room screen made of natural materials.  For a beachy tropical theme, a bamboo room divider is a great choice.  Bamboo is an eco friendly material, and makes you feel like you are relaxing outside in a tropical resort.  Another great choice is canvas.  A tight canvas room divider is reminiscent of beach chairs – an important summer place for everyone. 

For a more obvious dose of outdoors brought inside, a painted room divider does the trick.  This Outdoor Patio Themed Room Divider is affordable, and painted beautifully to look like a patio of a mediterranean castle, or somewhere just as beautiful.  The soothing design and colors are applied to a wooden frame, perfect for dividing spaces or giving privacy where needed indoors.  Use it in the living room during the summer to make yourself feel like you are dining outside, minus the humidity and mosquitoes.  Use it in your bedroom to bring a smile to your face each morning.  Or use it in the guest room to make your visitors feel like they are traveling abroad for the summer, when they are really just enjoying the comfort of your home and hospitality, at a fraction of the cost! 

This screen is designed to be used indoors, not out.  Check back with me on my next post for outdoor room dividers!