Tropical Theme Room Dividers


Give your home a twist with one of these island breeze tropical theme room dividers!

As summer comes to an end, many of us are reluctant to let go of warm weather and sun, and the happy feelings that come along with it!  We know that fall and winter have their “charm”, with rain and falling leaves, then crisp mornings and snow, and eventually, a beautiful winter wonderland!.  But, what we are all really living for is a year-round tropical paradise.  (think Caribbean, Hawaii, your choice!)

Well, if you can’t beat the weather in the coming months, why not just create a summery, island feel indoors!  One great way to do that is with the right room divider.  And, remember, room dividers are easy to change in and out, so you can swap room screens with the seasons as fast as they come and go – a great, affordable way to adjust your home decor without costly remodeling or home decorator bills.  For a summery feel in your home, an island themed room divider is a must, perfect for the bedroom, bathroom or living areas.

I have outlined three of my favorites below, along with tropical benefits and more! 6 ft. Tall Burnt Bamboo with Rice Paper Shoji Screen Room Divider

  1. A tall shutter screen is a great place to start.  Since it doesn’t have a very bold pattern, it can fit into almost any decor, and has many colors from which to choose.   For the most beach resort feel, I like the honey or rosewood – they look just like something you would see at a spa!
  2. This bamboo shoji screen room divider is great because it is a classic asian style screen, but updated with the beautiful double cross frame.
  3. And, finally, a bamboo room divider that is actually made of bamboo, the ultimate in tropical themes, and very earth friendly.

Choose one of these beautiful screens for year-round good weather indoors!