Fireplace Room Divider


Walton Portable IndoorOutdoor Gel FireplaceAn unlikely room divider takes shape as a portable fireplace.

I know, you’re thinking What?  A fireplace in the middle of the room?  That doesn’t sound right.   But, actually, it’s not a terrible idea.  Many of us are constantly looking for ways to divide up large rooms into smaller spaces, and I certainly can’t think of a more unique way to do so than with a little fire ambiance.

This fireplace is portable, and thus can be placed anywhere in the room, it doesn’t need to remain hooked into the wall for a chimney, electricity, or any other reason.

Room Dividers for Open Style Floor Plans

A great place to put this room divider would be in a transition area.  For example, if you have a long, open style floor plan in the living area of your home, which is so popular in new construction these days, a small portable fireplace can be placed in between the dining area and living room to create a small divider, perfect for entertaining. The kids can do their homework on the dining room table while the grown ups watch TV in the next space.

They have thought of everything with this little fireplace, too.  It is finished on both sides and has a glass viewing area.  Guess what?  That makes it ideal for placement in any part of the room.  I know it’s not a traditional room divider, but it could make a real style statement in your home.  And, since it is relatively small, it is also very affordable, even more so than some folding screens.  And, best of all, it provides just the right amount of warmth and ambiance for your home.  Simply place two cans of gel fuel in the fireplace and watch them glow and warm up your home.  And in the summer, you can move it outside as patio decor, a simple, easy way to add style to your home.