Outdoor Room Dividers


reg-1224806747-109460Just as we have folding screens for the interior of our homes, we can also benefit by them when used outside in the garden, deck or patio!  Here are some tips on why and how to use them, and how to pick them.

Separate a Space
Outside, you may want to use a room divider for separating spaces, just like inside, creating different themed spaces.  For example, you may divide a large (or medium sized) patio into two separate areas for entertaining, sectioning off a space just for your outdoor dining set.

Another reason for an outdoor room divider is for privacy.  This could be privacy for you, or for your gardening tools.  For example, if you live very close to neighbors and they can see into your yard or patio, you may want to have a place where no one can see you, where you can just relax in peace without having to make small talk.  Or, if you have an old potting bench that has seen better days but the rest of your yard looks great, an outdoor screen can hide the unsightly mess!

Outdoor room dividers can also provide some shade.  Especially for apartment patios and balconies that face the sun, a room divider up against a short fence can cool your patio, while still providing privacy and décor.

Tips for shopping:  Obviously, you need a room screen that has materials that can be outside.  Unfinished woods are not a good idea because they can rot and deteriorate.  Stainless steel, on the other hand, would be a good idea!  For the fabric, look for natural materials like bamboo, or vinyl and plastic models that are specifically designed for outdoor use.  As you can see, there are a multitude of options, and many reasons to invest in an outdoor privacy screen.


Room Dividers for the Kids Room


How to Decorate or Divide a Shared Children’s Bedroom with a room divider!

In many families, sharing a room is expected of the kids.  Since most people live in three bedrooms or less, if you’ve got more than two kids or need to maintain a home office, do the math and chances are that your kids are sharing a room.  A room divider can help to make each child feel like they have their own private space, even when their sibling is sleeping just across the way.  Using a room screen to divide up the space and add style and privacy at the same time, your children will thank you as they grow into their teen years and beyond.

For Large Rooms, go with one or two dividers to offer as much privacy as possible.  This Cork Board Shoji Screen is a great choice for kids rooms, allowing to customize their side of the screen at their own will.  The cork board squares allow for tacking up pictures and posters, artwork and more, great for kids of all ages.  Let them go to town with this room divider, creating a space that is truly unique and just their own.

For smaller rooms, a room divider with a muted tone, such as a traditional shoji screen works great.  A rice paper folding screen also lets light through, making a smaller space seem larger, but still offers privacy.  Older kids and teens may like to go modern, with a dramatic painted contemporary art style – there are even screens that offer different designs on each side of the screen, so everyone can feel that their style is unique.

Lacking storage?  Use a large shelving unit that sees through on both sides, allowing kids to store books and toys, school and art supplies and more while still dividing up the space – just make sure it is secured and cannot fall on anyone.

The bottom line is that your kids will appreciate your efforts to give them a space that is their very own, even if it is not exactly their own room!