Product of the Week! Sliding Door Room Dividers


reg-1275459570-154221I came across the most beautiful way to divide a room up.  This is a great alternative to French doors or any other “sliding door” area in the home.  I’ve seen these with the partition style sliding doors that you find in schools and offices, but never any as beautiful as these!  They are actually shoji screens, and sliding doors, all in one piece!  Check out the 7 foot Tall Cherry Blossom Shoji Sliding Door Kit – it is absolutely exquisite, like all shoji screens, but this one is meant to be installed as a sliding door.  It is available in several styles, colors and would be a wonderful addition to any space.

If you have a really large area to separate, this is a great choice.  The frame is solid spruce wood and comes in several wood finishes to complement your décor.  The interior is very thick rice paper, difficult to puncture, yet it still allows light through – this is the great thing about shoji screens, they can help to separate a large space, but they don’t have the shrinking effect.  Allowing the light to flow through means that you space appears as large as possible, even if you have divided it up.

This room divider will go well with almost any décor, but especially with East Asian themes and is great for homes where the living room and dining room are attached – easy to close off for privacy.  It is less expensive than French doors, and looks much better than simply hanging a sheet in a door jam.   If you like the general look but not the flower motif, there are more traditional styles as well, with just the criss-crossing.  They are easy to install as well, just like a pre hung kit from the hardware store.

Add style, function, utility and whimsy to your home with this elegant room divider.