Nature Scenes Room Dividers!


Lovers of Nature will be very happy to see this new line of photo print room dividers!  Cat lovers, wildlife lovers and those who enjoy soothing scenes from the wild – there’s truly something for everyone.

These room screens are so bold, with huge printed photographs on canvas in the richest of colors – they look like a giant poster but are mounted to a folding screen.  So they can perform multiple functions in the home.

First, they provide a focal point that is often much needed in today’s bland decorating.  For example, set in the corner of the room, the Paradise Screenreg-1289184973-158725 will provide a colorful backdrop for you to play with – choose accessories that will complement this beautiful beach screen room divider.

For a subtle approach, allowing the screen to really stand out on its own as a design focal point, scatter blue, green and sand colored throws and pillows about the room on furniture to tie in the look.

For a more bold look, a hurricane vase filled with sea shells, sea glass and candles is the way to go!

Another great use for these room dividers is in homes where decorating on the walls simply isn’t possible.  If you are a renter, then you know how finicky owners can be about putting holes in walls and worse, painting them! It’s very difficult to have a colorful apartment when you can’t paint the walls.  These room screens are bright, bold and vibrant, a wonderful way to add a splash of color to bland rooms.

And finally, the same old room divider benefits apply here as well – they are great for granting privacy to areas of the home where there are no doors or partitions, and the number one way to break up a large floor space into “rooms” or “conversation areas”.