Feng Shui Room Divider – Product of the Week!


feng-shui-room-dividerAny room divider can be used for feng shui purposes, but this week’s featured product was made specifically for that purpose!  The Feng Shui Room Divider is sure to bring you good fortune. 

This Asian style shoji screen can be placed anywhere to add good vibes to your home.  The six foot height offers the maximum in privacy, with other benefits added to make this one of the most popular styles of room décor available.  The satin fabric is opaque so it lets very little light through which adds to the privacy that this folding room screen can offer. 

This room divider can be used for a variety of purposes.  First, to offer privacy – great for the master bedroom and bath when no dividing wall exists, or to create a small dressing area in a room.  If you live too close to your neighbors, this room divider can cover an entire window, allowing you to avoid the awkward curtain drawing when your neighbors are being nosy.   

Another great benefit of this folding screen is its beautiful artwork.  It can stand alone as a work of art with its gold calligraphy print and it can be purchased with either a black or red background.  If you want the screen to blend in, go for the black, but if you really need a splash of color, the red room divider is the one to pick!  The wood is lightweight so it is safe if it falls over.  All in all this is a great choice for Asian décor schemes, or for any room that needs a punch of color or design in general. 


Bonus:  This room screen has two way hinges, allowing you to bend the panels in either direction – great for moving from room to room, and one that will stay with you for years to come.