Room Dividers for Every Design Style

Room Screen - Canvas with Pockets

Room Screen – Canvas with Pockets

It’s no secret that room dividers have been around for ages and ages.  So luckily, no matter what your home décor preferences are, there is definitely a room divider out there with your name on it!  Read on for some tips on how to choose a room screen to match your home décor style.

Let’s Start at the Beginning:

Antique Style Room Dividers – to achieve this look, chunky heavy wood is a great way to go.  I’ve even seen room dividers made out of old doors for real old world charm.  If wood is too heavy for your tastes, look for something made with scrolled or faux antiqued metal.

Asian Style Room Dividers – this is an easy one when talking about room dividers, thanks to Shoji screens.  These handy Japanese style room dividers are readily available in almost every area of the world now.  They are a great choice for privacy, as they still allow filtered light to show through the rice paper.

Modern Room Dividers – I have seen some really cool contemporary style room dividers lately, like the Morton Screen which has fun geometric shapes attached with wire to the metal frame.  Heads up though on this one, it is definitely not a privacy screen, its main purpose is more of the decorative nature.

Eclectic Style Home – this is a great type of décor for the many painted and photograph stretched room dividers on the market.  I always see very bold photo room dividers or painted scenes from old Paris and I wonder to myself, what type of room décor would this be appropriate for?  Eclectic is definitely the answer with this, and there are so many different directions to go in it can be a lot of fun!

So never fear, whether you are a retro girl or an urban chic guy, there is always a suitable room divider to match your style!