Spring Style with Room Dividers


4 Panel Plum Blossom Room DividerEven out in California, the weather up until now has been less than springy.  But it’s never too soon to welcome the mood of spring into your home decor, and a room divider can be just the right way to do that!  Room dividers are an easy, go-to decorating wonder, as most often they require no assembly.   Simply open the box, unfold it and enjoy an instant boost in style in any room, from the living room to the bedroom and even the office.

Here’s how to incorporate Spring-like inspiration into your home, one piece at a time:

  • Throw Pillows – Available in every color imaginable, throw pillows add comfort and color to your home.  Choose springy hues like pastel green, blue, lavender or a light yellow for the best effect.
  • Room Dividers – With a folding screen, you can move it around the room or even from room to room.  This is a great way to switch up your styles throughout the seasons as well, maybe one room screen for spring and summer, and another that you bring out in the fall to get you through the winter.  Besides looking for spring like colors, you can also look for painted spring themes, as seen with this 4 Panel Plum Blossom Room Divider.   For a more subtle effect, choose textures and materials from the natural world, such as bamboo and woven hyacinth fibers.
  • Curtains – Window coverings and treatments are another great way to customize your home decor to the season.  One set of curtains for spring and summer and another for fall and winter allows you to always be playful with your style.
  • Area Rugs – Another easy fix for drab decor, area rugs come in all shapes, sizes and price points.  To get the most out of spring style, look for a vibrant color, such as lime green, to waken up your decor.

Room Divider to Organize Teens?


Hang It Up Room DividerI know what you’re thinking, “It would take an act of Congress to keep my teen organized”.  But hear me out.   There are ways to get kids and teens to organize their rooms, it all comes down to making it easy for them.  That, and allowing them to add their personal style touch to whatever they are organizing in, whether it is a plastic bin, storage trunk or even a room divider!

This Hang-It-Up Room Divider is a great tool for kids to accomplish this.  This room screen has shelves, hooks and even a magazine rack.  The thing about kids is that if they have to reach back into a closet to organize something (or even open a door for that matter), they are much more likely to just throw their personal items onto the floor, resulting in a messy, messy room.  So by keeping storage out where they have easy access to it, there is (almost) no excuse to throw clothes on the floor.  This room divider keeps storage right out in the open where they can easily reach it, a major plus when you are dealing with youth and their messy habits.

Another thing I like about this folding screen is that it adds privacy to the room, also a must have especially if they are sharing a bedroom with siblings.  And the black fabric can be customized by them to add some style flair.  Safety pins can hold their favorite memory photos, and they can even sew right into the fabric for an extra dose of teenage style.  The black and silver color scheme fit right in with their modern tastes and go with any wall color or linen style, which we know can change many times over the years from when they are young to when they are in the adolescent years.  Additionally, this screen folds flat, easy to pack up and take with them into the dorm years!