The Artsy Room Divider


Room DividerA room divider doesn’t have to be all about privacy.  It can offer a great way to boost the style in any room.  For those of us who love art and paintings, this is where the artsy room divider comes into play!  These can be found in a wide variety of styles.  Contemporary metal room dividers give a room an updated, clean and modern feel.  Similarly, a painted room divider gives a traditional look to any space.  Play around with styles and textures to make a bold art statement in your home.

Modern Design:  Bold colors and geometric shapes are a must for this category.  Just remember that room dividers are big, so best used in large rooms of the home like the living room or a large master suite.

Antique Style:  If your style is more traditional, a painted room divider with an artistic landscape or even cityscape is a great way to dress up a space.  If you live in an apartment with a not so great view outside your windows or sliding doors, you may choose to put a painted room divider with a scene from the streets of Paris to give the space a new look.

Nature Lovers:  There are beautiful printed photograph room dividers on the market that serve your artistic tastes and also provide the serenity of nature to the inside of your home.  Everything from horses to Mountain Peaks room dividers can be found to suit your need for nature!

Kids:  In the kids room or nursery, a room divider is a great way to add dramatic visual appeal.  Just make sure it is lightweight and can lean or be mounted securely to the wall.  Look for landscapes or kid themes or make one yourself using pine lumber and children friendly fabric!

Whatever your taste in art, there is a room screen to match your desires!