Maximize Coverage with a Room Divider Stand


Room Divider Stand for Three Panel Room DividersLook out… this week’s newest find is a smart one!  This room divider stand for 3-panel room dividers allows you to fully utilize the entire width of your shoji screen.  How does it work?  By simply allowing you to stretch the screen all the way to its full width, you are gaining precious inches of privacy, which may allow you to finally cover that entire door that has been bothering you.

Normally you have to fold your room divider somewhat to get it to stand upright, but with this awesome tool you don’t have to do that, you can extend it fully.  What a great idea!  The way it is designed to work is by screwing it into your wooden screen frame to really keep things secure and standing up right (not falling over flat which would defeat the purpose of it).  It is available in a variety of common wood stain finishes to match many different screens.

Another thing I like about this stand is that it lifts the screen up three inches which gives you additional privacy power, but also allows for sweeping and mopping underneath the unit.  Extending the room divider flat also gives it a totally new look.  It would be a great choice for use in an open floor plan to divide up the space, it almost looks like a decorative sliding door when used in the middle of the room.


Room Divider of the Week – For the Natural Home


Mariposa Room DividerThis week’s featured product, the Mariposa Room Divider is full of nature inspired details, perfect for bringing a soothing atmosphere to any room!  This elegant room screen has many of the aspects of any other room divider, but with updated details and materials for a fresh look in the home.  Butterflies (Mariposas) grace the front of this elegant room decoration in a beautiful dark grey/black and subtle red color palette, and an antique stamp is printed across the front for a vintage vibe.

This room divider is covered in burlap, keeping with the nature theme, and offers excellent light blockage.  This makes it an ideal choice for use in front of a sliding door or lower windows for privacy and to softly darken the room.

Here are some other ways you can effortlessly incorporate nature into your home decor:

Dried Foliage – While flowers give a pop of color to any space, dried foliage, such as  grasses or leaves, give a more subdued, natural feeling to the room.  Keep them in a vase or decorative planter for years of enjoyment, dusting once a month with a soft feather duster to keep them looking somewhat fresh.

Framed Nature Inspired Art – Nothing says ahhhhh like a framed picture of fern leaves, or your other choice of vegetation.  Make your own or purchase to keep the feeling in the home calm and relaxed.

Wall Colors – You can get paint in just about any color these days, and inviting nature inside your home can be as simple as changing up your room’s color scheme.  Greens and blues pair well with khaki and tan and remind you of the great outdoors no matter where you are!

Bringing a touch of nature into the home can be easy and fun!  Collect a jar of seaglass or even acorns from the local park to get you started on your way to a more peaceful home!