Room Dividers bring Peace to the Dorm Room


6 ft. Tall Pockets Shoji Screen 3-Panel Room DividerHeading off to college for the first time, or back to college after a summer spent at home in your very own room, can be a real shocker in terms in privacy!  All of a sudden there is someone there, in your room with you, for most of your waking (and sleeping) hours.  Room dividers are a great way to add a little privacy to your college experience.  They may not keep out the noise of click clacking on the keyboard or long nights of snoring (by the way a fan works wonders to block out that particular problem), but they offer a sense of privacy when there is otherwise none to be found.

Here are some great reasons to invest in a room divider if you are going into your first (or second or third) year of college.  (Note:  Check with your dorm’s rules on furnishings first to ensure you can use it when you get there.)

  • Privacy – I’ve already covered this above, but a room screen allows you to get dressed in peace, sleep in peace, and most importantly, study in peace.
  • Fun Style – There are so many different room dividers these days in every imaginable style, have fun with it – from modern metal for the guys to fun colors for the girls, there is something for everyone and every age.
  • Longevity – A room screen purchased now can be used for many years in a variety of different shared living settings, and even once you are off onto your own place someday.
  • Space Efficiency – Look for a folding room screen (which most do), this allows it to be stored in the closet or behind a door, and makes it a cinch to move (which you will be doing frequently over the years.)  A special word of caution here, though, rice paper screens are beautiful but require extra care and packaging when moving, as the paper can tear and is subject to water damage.
  • And, finally, storage!  Yep, there are room dividers out there, like the 6 ft. Tall Pockets Shoji Screen 3-Panel Room Divider  shown here that have built in storage for all of your personal items!



Picturesque Room Dividers….Literally


These fun room dividers are made of blown-up photographs that are printed onto canvas, a refreshing treat for the modern home!  Room dividers certainly don’t have to be boring, these gems prove that!

Paris ScreenLovers of architecture, Europe or simply Parisian culture will simply adore the Paris Screen, which boasts two views of the Eiffel Tower printed onto a large canvas.


Bear ScreenAnd Nature Lovers will gather ’round this cute Bear Screen, which has a serious tone that is softened by the serene nature of these gentle creatures of nature.

Wine Theme

Got a thing for wine?  The Wine Theme Room Divider is sure to make a statement in any room of the home.  This one is ideal for the dining room, living room or study, reminding you of some of the simple pleasures of life.

Cat Screen

Anyone with a cat will appreciate the Curious Cat screen.  Adorable, tall and almost lifelike for a dramatic statement in your home.

Round Up Screen

And to enhance a western feel or to simply show your love of horses, the Round Up Screen is ready for action!

Working a bold look into your home using a room divider is as simple as using a large photograph such as displayed on these great finds!