Room Dividers: Thinking Outside the Box


reg-1268963414-152247A room divider doesn’t have to be your typical three panel tall wooden framed folding thing with rice paper square panels!  Think outside of the box to find other items (furniture) that can be used to divide up a space or add a little privacy in any room.  One way I achieve this with great success and appreciation when decorating is with a floor mirror.  Floor mirrors serve many purposes in the home, and can be used in virtually any room.  If you can find one, a storage mirror is an added bonus – like the Aris Classic Mirror with Shelves.  Three shelves behind the mirror can hold anything you want from books to CDs, shoes, purses and more!

Here are some reasons to try a floor mirror as a room divider:

1.  Vanity – (sort of) – Obviously the main function of a mirror is to give you a place to look at yourself.  That is, you can check out your outfit, makeup and hair before heading out the door in the morning or evening hours.

2.  Design Accent – Mirrors make wonderful decorative pieces in the home, whether you mount them to a wall or keep them on the floor.  Use them in the bedroom for dressing purposes, or even in the living room to give a classic touch to your decor.  In the entryway is another popular spot.

3.  Light! – Mirrors bounce light around any space, making it seem brighter (obviously) and also more spacious.  Play with mirrors especially in small spaces like dining rooms and offices to add some cheer to a dull space.

4. Storage – As mentioned above, if you can find a storage style floor mirror, you have just added organization to the room as well.  Rotating or hidden shelves and even coat hook models are available!

What other items have you used from around the home to achieve room division?  Be sure to send us your ideas!