Room Divider of the Week…Something for the Kiddies


Finding Nemo Room DividerIt’s not often that we get to highlight a room divider that is just something for the kids!  But this week I am happy to announce that our featured room divider is just that.  The 4 Panel “Finding Nemo” Room Divider is an absolute gem, with everyone’s favorite little fish and his friends against a luscious ocean blue background.

Here’s more of what I love about this kids room divider:

  • It is very wide.  With four panels, you get maximum privacy if that is what you are looking for.  It could span most bedroom windows and the bulk of a sliding door even if you have that in your kids room or playroom.
  • Great for sharing rooms!  If your kids are sharing a room, why not give them a little extra privacy with a room divider designed just for them!
  • Color, Color, Color!  So brightly colored, this room divider is a wonder for children to look at and will capture their eye and imagination.  This is especially useful if you live in a rental or apartment that you are not allowed to paint – add the pop of color you want for your children with this removable room divider!
  • Folds Flat – Whether it is for transport, or for handing down when they get older, or for putting away during the day to let the light in the room, the fact that this screen folds flat for storage is a major bonus in tight spaces.
  • Lightweight – Made of canvas with a sturdy wooden frame, if this room divider were to fall (not recommended), it will not do as much damage as a heavier tall item.
  • For grownups too?  Okay I’ll admit it, Finding Nemo was one of my favorite movies of all time, even before I had kids!  So don’t feel silly if you are a grown up/child at heart and want to incorporate this fun screen into your home, you are not alone!

See-Though Room Divider?


White Framed 3-Panel Folding ScreenThis week’s featured room divider is, well, see-through.  I know what you’re thinking… What’s the point? But, in fact, not all people buy a room divider with the sole purpose of adding privacy to their spaces.  In other words, not everyone uses a shoji screen just for getting dressed behind!  This White Framed 3-Panel Folding Screen is elegant, an effortless cross between old and new.  And, it happens to be a little bit see-through.  So what is a room screen like this good for if not to add privacy to your space?  It is a wonderful tool for many design jobs around the home, here are just a few:

1.   Lightens up a space – with its beautiful white finish and subtly white fabric inlays, this room divider adds light itself in two ways.  First with its white, bright color. And second, by actually letting light shine through!

2.  Defining a space – Say you have a studio apartment and need something to go in between your bed and your dining table.   This room screen is perfect, as it does not intrude too much on the space, lets light through, yet still defines a separate dining area from the rest of the tiny home.

3.  Folds for storage – like all good room dividers, this one folds neatly for storage.  A must-have for small spaces, but also welcome in larger home when you want to switch up the look of a room from time to time.  Simply bring this white room divider out for a fresh look in the spring and summer months, and then put it in the back of the closet when fall rolls around again!

How would you place a see through room divider in your home?