Organizing Pet Supplies


For most pet owners, the top pet clutter culprits tend to be the supplies and materials that get the most use: food, toys and grooming products.Pet Care Center Image

If you want to keep all your pet-related items together, the Deluxe Pet Organizer is the simplest solution.  It features a lift-top bin that stores up to 40 pounds of dog or cat food
for easy scooping, and includes two large baskets and three shelves for keeping everything else organized and accessible.

Pet Food Container - 65 Quart Image

Another option is to set up separate storage systems for each type of pet product.

For pet foods there are a number of different specially designed pet food storage containers to choose from, such as this 65-quart rolling canister that makes a 50-pound bag of dog food easy to work with.

Plastic Storage Chest with 4 Drawers Image

Pet toys and grooming products can be stored in multi-drawer rolling carts that come in different sizes and configurations; this 4-drawer plastic storage chest is a good example.  The two deep drawers are useful for supplies like litter box fillers and bulky toys, while the shallower drawers are handy for holding items such as litter pan liners, grooming materials and small toys.

More types of pet organizers can be found here.


Nightstand Organizers


Bedside Storage Caddy - Natural Denier ImageBedrooms should be pleasant places, not arenas for chaos and clutter.   Resolve to keep your bedroom a peaceful haven by preventing excess items from accumulating, especially near your bed.

Nightstands are notorious clutter magnets, but you can avoid “nightmare nightstand syndrome” by using a multi-pocketed bedside caddy. These space-saving organizers are designed to hold necessities such as eyeglasses, remotes, cell phones, tissues and magazines.

If you like to keep your electronic essentials near your bed and also want to make sure they charge overnight, the Cardinal Recharge Station eliminates cord and cable clutter while charging up to four devices, and also has a handy storage drawer.

If books are your bedside bugaboo, consider the Bookshelf Lamp–it can stop piles of reading materials from forming on your nightstand by keeping books upright, and saves space by also providing a reading light.



Clothes Closet Maximizers


All clothes closets have at least one thing in common: they’re never big enough.   This is due to the scientifically proven fact that clothing multiplies to fill whatever space is provided for its containment.

To prevent excess clothes build-up, follow the In/Out Inventory Rule: Whenever a new garment is acquired, an older one is retired.  Only keep items that make you look good and feel good.

But even a well-weeded wardrobe can seem cluttered unless you know how to make the most of your closet space.  Here are three types of efficient and economical closet maximizers:

  • You can fit more clothes in your closet by using tiered hangers designed to save
    space, such as the Five-Tier Swing-Arm Slack Hanger which accommodates fourDouble Up Adjustable Closet Rod Image pairs of pants on swing-out rods plus a fifth pair on the bottom tier.
  • Closet rod doublers such as the Double Up Adjustable Closet Rod can literally double your clothes-hanging space.
  • Towel bars can also provide surprisingly effective clothes storage. When installed on the inside of closet doors, they’re ideal for draping jeans, sweat pants or any items that often seem too much trouble to put on hangers.



Organized refrigerator magnets


Is the front or side of your fridge festooned with “hanging clutter”?  Maybe it’s time to clear off those vertical surfaces.  Take down all the tired-looking magnets along with the stuff stuck underneath them. Weed out tattered cartoons, expired coupons, old grocery lists, layers of kids’ artwork and anything else that’s contributing to the appearance of chaos. Only put back current and essential items, and set a limit on the maximum number of magnets allowable.

The most useful refrigerator magnets are ones that help you stay organized. Here are three of my favorites:

  • The Magnetic Message Board includes a Stainless Steel Magnet - Safe Food Storage Times Imagemagnetic dry erase pen, handy for noting leftovers along with the storage date–this should help prevent “mystery items” from accumulating in your fridge.
  • The Safe Food Storage Times Magnet eliminates the guesswork from how long it’s safe to keep those leftovers and other foods.
  • Magnetic kitchen timers are useful space-savers and come in a variety of styles.