China and crystal tableware storage


Lifestyle experts are fond of suggesting that people should “use the good china and China Storage Set Imagecrystal every day.” But most of us prefer saving those pieces for holiday meals and other special occasions. And keeping fine china and crystal stemware in perfect condition between uses requires specific storage solutions. 

Often simply referred to as china keepers, these protective containers are designed to prevent chips, cracks, scratches and breakage.

Holiday Stemware Chest ImageFor fine stemware storage, there are padded cases for every shape of glass from wine goblets to Champagne flutes.

Wineglass racks are usually a better choice for stemmed glassware that is used more frequently since they keep stemware fairly safe yet easily accessible.


Table leaf storage


Setting a beautiful table requires more than fancy tableware when you’re entertaining for Thanksgiving or any large gathering. The humble table leaf only gets dragged out when company comes, usually staying tucked out of sight the rest of the year.

There seems to be no consensus on the best way to store table leaves. Some furniture experts recommend keeping them upright and straight — not leaning — to minimize warping; others insist that only horizontal storage will prevent warping.

The only thing everyone agrees on is that you should try to keep table leaves as close as possible to the table, and store them in a closet rather than in a garage or other potentially damp storage area so that they will be adjusting to the same relative humidity as the table.Table Leaf Storage Bag - 30 x 52 Inch Image

Whether you choose to store your leaves vertically or horizontally, a table leaf protector is a wise and inexpensive investment to guard against scratches, dirt and dampness.

Table leaf storage bags are usually made of heavy flannel or felt material to protect the wood from scratches, but some are constructed of vinyl for protection against moisture.


Underbed Storage Saviors


The ceaseless search for more storage has brought to light the potential of the often under-utilized underbed area. Long considered an awkward space best suited for burying bags of clutter during the ritual “company’s coming” cleanup frenzy, the bed’s basement is now perceived as an acceptable place for storing all types of foldable attire from sweaters to swimsuits, as well as shoes and other accessories.

To organize this formerly chaotic frontier, there are now many types of under bed storage saviors: plastic drawers, wheeled boxes, zippered containers and shoe racks–all sized to fit underneath most beds.

For bed frames that aren’t quite high enough to accommodate underbed containers, there is a simple and inexpensive solution: bed risers, also called bed Platform Storage Bed - King Sized Imageelevators, which give beds a 6-inch lift.

Another option requires more of an investment: the storage bed, a type of platform bed with built-in drawers–and no empty spaces for dust bunnies to breed!


Cookware Storage Solutions


With Thanksgiving just a few weeks away, now is a good time to get your kitchen in order.

Ideally, all of your cooking implements — pots, pans, utensils, small appliances — should be located where you can access them easily when you need them, yet out of the way when you don’t. Easier said than done, but not impossible if you utilize a few specialized storage solutions:

Classic Wall-Mounted Pot Rack Image

• For keeping pots, skillets and other types of utensils accessible without using counter or cabinet space, hanging pot racks are great space-savers. They come in a seemingly infinite number of styles — some feature a shelf or include lights. If your wall space is limited, the ceiling-mounted variety is ideal.

• If your pot lids have a tendency to go AWOL, the Roll-out Lid Organizer can help keep them at your fingertips. The slide-out rack holds up to 18 lids (it can also hold cutting boards and baking trays) and prevents them from getting lost at the back of a cabinet.

Note: Roll-out organizers require installation.  Chrome Roll-Out Lid Organizer Image

• An appliance garage is a countertop device featuring a tambour (roll-down) door designed for concealing bulky, frequently used items that tend to live on kitchen counters (e.g., blender, mixer, slow-cooker). Because it converts the space between wall cabinets and base cabinets into storage compartments, this type of unit also requires installation.

Answer: Organizing a collection


Q. My son has an extensive rock collection. He has large rocks as large as the size of your head to very small rocks. Right now he has all of these rocks scattered on his desk in his room. Do you have any suggestions for organizers or a way for him to organize these rocks so they are no longer cluttering his desk?

A.  I would imagine that your son enjoys looking at his rock collection, so it’s important to store the rocks in a way that will make it easy for him to see them.  My recommendations are:9 Compartment Storage Cubby Image

1) To display the larger rocks, utilize wooden shelving or bookcases with adjustable shelves; or a cubby unit.


Custom Divided Storage Container Image


2) For smaller rocks, use clear plastic multi-compartment containers with adjustable dividers.