Sports Equipment Organizers


Collecting sporting gear seemingly has become as much of a hobby as the recreational activities themselves. There are dozens of sports and each has its own type of equipment and accessories. But without an organized system for storing all your paraphernalia, you can end up spending more time playing hide-and-seek with misplaced gear than you do playing your preferred sport. Luckily there are some excellent space-saving sports equipment organizers available to help you stay on top of your game — or games, as the case may be. Here are three of the best:Wall-Mount Sports Gear Rack Image

  • The Wall-Mount Sports Gear Rack features three racks sized to hold everything from basketballs and soccer balls to helmets. Specialty hooks on the side are designed to hold baseball bats and tennis rackets, while six adjustable hooks on the bottom section are ideal for hanging caps, jackets and small accessories.
  • The Sports Bench Organizer does double duty as a ventilated sports storage container that’s also a comfortable bench with handrails.
  • Sports Equipment Organizer ImageThe free-standing Sports Equipment Organizer helps you easily organize all sizes of balls, skates, sticks, bats and other gear by utilizing a grid design that lets you move nine hooks around so you can configure the rack to fit your sporting storage needs. It also includes a basket sized to corral smaller items such as tennis balls.

Bathroom Tissue Storage Solutions


Wouldn’t it be nice if we could simply flush away all the clutter in our bathrooms? Too bad our commodes generally are not well-suited to this task.Toilet Caddy Image

One common problem is that the typical home bathroom tends to lack sufficient space for storing reasonable quantities of the most frequently used supplies.  Toilet paper, for example.  How do you keep enough rolls handy without displacing other necessities?

Here are three clever bathroom storage solutions for toilet tissue, all designed to make the most of limited space:

  • If your restroom doubles as a reading room, consider the Toilet Caddy which actually does triple duty: It’s a toilet paper dispenser that also provides storage for three extra rolls of bathroom tissue plus magazines.
  • The wall-mountable four-roll Toilet Paper Holder can also be installed inside a cabinet door.
  • The Over Tank Toilet Tissue Holder is ideal for tiny bathrooms lacking floor space, cabinets and wall space–it hangs off the toilet tank edge and holds up to three rolls..




Belt and Tie Organizers


Accumulating accessories isn’t just a female preoccupation. Guys can be guilty of it too.  OK, maybe most men don’t collect an infinite number of ties and/or belts, but there are those who have far more of these items than they’d care to admit.

Keeping such long and skinny accessories untangled and organized requires unique storage solutions: namely, belt and tie organizers.  Fortunately most of the options for storing ties and belts are not only effective but surprisingly economical.  Here are three space saving solutions worth trying:

  • The 16-hook Spinning Tie Hanger is desigBelt Hanger with Rings Imagened to spin in either direction and holds up to 16 ties or belts on independently pivoting hooks.
  • The Round-A-Belt allows you to store up to 40 belts in only 3 inches of hanging space.
  • For the obsessively organized tie collector, the Electronic Closet Tie Rack holds up to 70 ties plus four belts on a sleek unit that attaches to a closet rod.




Desktop organizers for home offices


Whether you have an actual desk or just a corner of the kitchen counter allocated for your home office, the right organizing tools can help you keep things in order.  Specifically, a well-designed desktop organizer will allow you to process paperwork efficiently in almost any area of your home.

Here are three of my favorite desktop organizers which can be used in most offices but are especially good for the home office:

  • The space-saving Desk Tray Organizer utilizes vertical space effectively by sleekly combining two Desk Tray Organizer Imagestacking trays, a pencil cup and an organizing tray for corralling office supplies.
  •  The efficient Victor Tidy Tower Organizer features multiple compartments, including a top tray, an open slot, two small drawers and a large bottom drawer.
  • The clever Monitor Stand Organizer does triple-duty as an ergonomic monitor riser, file holder and office supply station. Monitor Stand Organizer Image