Wall organizers for keys, mail, cell phones and more


“WHERE are my KEYS?!”  The answer is, of course, “right where you left them”–possibly hidden under whatever you dropped on top of them while looking for something else.  (Tip:  Never–even for a moment–put a bigger thing, such as a newspaper or a jacket, on top of a smaller thing, such as keys or a cell phone.)

If you’re tired of misplacing your keys and /or forgetting to take certain items with you when you leave your home, consider getting a wall-mounted organizer for your entryway. Here are several well-designed wall organizers that can help keep keys and other necessities from getting misplaced:

  • The Magnetic Stainless Steel Entry Organizer features two key hooks; Magnetic Stainless Steel Entry Organizer - White Imagethree magnets for holding notes, lists or photos to the magnetic surface; and three separate slots thoughtfully sized to stash mail, a cell phone and a pen or marker.  The magnetic front is also a dry erase surface, handy for jotting reminders.
  • If you need a wall organizer with more key hooks and more room for mail, etc., the
    Wall Mail Organizer and Key Holder and the Scroll Mail Organizer and Key Rack each offer five hooks and three tiers of storage.
  • Hanging up key-rings on hooks is just too much trouble for some folks. The Wrought Iron Calendar Frame is a good option for those who prefer to throw their keys into a horizontal holder Wrought Iron Calendar Frame - Black Imageyet want the space-saving benefits of a wall organizer.  It consists of a metal mesh basket attached to a decorative calendar holder which gives you a highly visible way to note scheduled appointments.  The basket also has room for mail and other by-the-door essentials such as cell phones, sunglasses, pen and pad of sticky notes.

More types of key organizers and wall organizers with key hooks and additional features can be found here.


Answer: Rod & Brackets for Armoire


Q. I am trying to find the proper rod and brackets for my armoire for the purpose of hanging clothes. What are your recommendations for the type of brackets used in an armoire? I don’t want to use screws or hardware that will come through to the outside of the armoire. Yet, I want the rod and brackets to be strong enough to hold a fair amount of clothes. Any advice will be appreciated. The inside dimension of the armoire is right at 36″ across. At the very top of the inside walls there’s (2) small wooden running bars (both sides) that’s probably 12″ long and less than an inch in diameter (3/4 inch). I would imagine this is for the bracing of the armoire. At the back there’s also a bracing type wooden strip that is 36″ length x 2.75″ wide and about one-half inches depth.

A. Here are the two products you need:




Corner Organizers


Cabinet corners have a tendency to accumulate clutter since they’re often difficult to access easily.  That’s why corner organizers are a necessity for maximizing hard-to-reach cabinet space.  Corner shelf systems also create handy storage options for corner areas of walls and counters.

Here are three types of corner organizers that offer new angles of organization:

  • Many cabinet Lazy Susans are specifically designed for base cabinet corner “caves”. The Pivot and Glide system is a good example. 28 Inch Lazy Susan - Pivot and Glide Half-Moon Image It features a pair of half-moon polymer shelves that pull out and pivot independently; the bottom shelf also glides out like a drawer, and both shelves have an extra-deep 1 1/2-inch rim height to prevent stored items from tipping over.
  • The Instant Corner Shelf features an invisible mounting system that requires no tools for installation and holds up to 25 pounds.  At 18 inches wide and 12 inches deep, it can hold a variety of supplies or decorative objects.
  • The Cabinet Corner Storage Shelf Kitchen Cabinet Corner Storage Shelf Imageis actually a two-shelf unit that helps utilize vertical space inside cabinets.  The stand-alone design is also useful on kitchen and bathroom counters, and even on desk corners.  The Stainless Steel and Clear Plastic Corner Shelf is a sleeker option but only provides one shelf.

Answer: Space-savers for drying clothing flat


Q. Many of my clothing items indicate “lay flat to dry” but I am running out of surface room to dry them! I don’t want to hang them and stretch the fabric. What do you recommend?

A. The Mesh Stacking Clothes Drying Rack is a spacesaver that I think would be ideal for your needs.  You can stack several in your bathtub or on whatever available surface you have.  The breathable mesh enables quicker drying, and to speed up drying you can put a fan on nearby. The racks fold away easily for storage and are simple to set up.

Mesh Stacking Clothes Drying Rack Image



Laundry Storage Solutions


There are many things to dislike about the process of doing laundry.  Having a convenient yet out-of-the-way system for laundry storage between loads can make the chore a little more pleasant.

Laundry hampers used to always be space hogs, bulky and obtrusive and awkward to empty.  Many households still have those classic hampers, but luckily now there are better options designed to fit in spaces you hadn’t thought of using.  Here are three of my favorite laundry storage solutions:

  • The Over the Door Laundry Bag is a versatile, space-saving hanging hamper that offers two ways to hang it–an over-door bracket Over the Door Laundry Bag Imagelets you use the back of a door, and a removable steel hanger with a swiveling hook works with a closet rod or wall hook.  Another useful feature is the zippered bottom that lets you empty the hamper without removing it from the hook.
  • Also utilizing door space but in a different way is the Door Knob Hamper, designed to hang–you guessed it–from a door knob. It features a steel frame that holds the hamper open yet is only six inches deep, so you can still open the door when the hamper is in place; and a canvas bag with a full-length zipper that makes it simple to remove laundry.
  • The Roll-Out Cabinet Hamper hides away in a base cabinet and glides out for easy access. It features Roll-Out Cabinet Hamper Imagesteel roller glides that allow the hamper to slide effortlessly in and out of the cabinet.  The hamper is removable from the glides, with integrated handles for comfortable carrying.

Dorm Room Storage Solutions


It’s that time of year when it seems like half the country is moving into dorms and the other half is helping them–or at least advising them on how to organize the often less-than-spacious accommodations.

In most dorm rooms the only over-sized furnishing is the bed. Dorm beds are usually 80 inches long, about six inches longer than a standard twin. You can put that extra half-foot to work by using these dorm-friendly storage solutions:

  • The Storage Pod Bed Riser Set maximizes under-bed storage space via two separate functions, utilizing four bed risers and a multi-compartment storage pod. The bed risers raise a bed six inches so you Storage Pod Bed Riser (Set of 5) Imagecan store more stuff underneath, while the pod, which attaches to any of the risers, has a large compartment for notebooks, books and papers as well as smaller compartments with slits to accommodate chargers and cables. The pod is cleverly designed to spin 360 degrees for easy access to whatever you put in it–keys, remotes, cell phones, snacks, magazines, etc.
  • Under-bed storage drawers are another way to make the most of the space down under while also keeping stored items dust-free.  The Iris Stackable Under Bed Storage Drawer features a low 6-1/2 inch high frame enclosing a clear removable drawer; if you use bed risers you may be able to stack two drawers and create a mini dresser under your bed.
  • The Bed Caddy is like a condensed nightstand that hangs from the side of your bed,  with a tissue holder and six pockets in various sizes for storing almost anything you like to keep close at hand.  Dorm beds are long enough to allow you to comfortably fit more than one bed caddy along the bedside.Bedside Storage Caddy - Black Denier Image