Tabletop organizers for dinnerware and cutlery


Daily meals and holiday gatherings have at least one thing in common, in addition to food: they all require some type of dinnerware and cutlery, whether “real” or disposable.

Having a portable tabletop organizer for dinnerware and cutlery can make serving meals more manageable. Here are three types of thoughtfully designed tabletop organizers to consider:

  • The Buffet Caddy makes it simple to transport eating utensils, plates and napkins together and keep them organized on the table. The clever design includes three cutlery compartments plus two individual sections sized for holding plates and napkins, along with handles for easy carrying. The raised feet keep the caddy’s contents safe from tabletop spills.
  • The 3-tier construction of the Ultimate Buffet Organizer provides storage for dinner plates, salad or dessert plates, and napkins.  It also features four utensil holders that hang off the sides, and it nests for storage.
  • The Teak Utensil Rack consists of four removable cutlery bins that sit atop a caddy sized to hold napkins in the bottom.Utensil Rack - Teak Image  The entire unit is a compact 8-7/8″ wide x 8-1/2″ high x 9-5/8″ deep, and includes a convenient carrying handle.

Recipe organizers and space-saving cookbook holders


Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful for many things:  loving family, loyal friends, delicious food….and, of course, wonderful recipe organizers and cookbook holders.

Keeping cherished recipes organized and easy to access can be a challenge.  Thankfully, these innovative recipe organizers and space-saving cookbook holders make life easier year-round:

  • The Dual-Motion Recipe Card Holder is more than just an organizer–it makes your recipes easy to look at while cooking.  Designed to tiltDual-Motion Recipe Card Holder Image up and down and also rotate so you can clearly see your recipes from any angle, the swiveling system allows you to keep a recipe facing you wherever you stand in the kitchen.  The unit holds 40 standard 4×6″ recipe cards inside page protectors to keep them safe from spills and splatters, with divider tabs to help you easily organize your recipes.
  • Recipe card binders are a simple way to organize recipes.  You can also turn a regular 3-ring binder into a recipe card organizer by using recipe card sheet protectors.
  • The spring-loaded Under Cabinet Cookbook Holder makes it easy to instantly access a cookbook when and where you need it, then stores it out of the way under a cabinet when you’re done. Under Cabinet Cookbook Holder Image
  • The collapsible Bamboo and Acrylic Cookbook Holder is a countertop cookbook stand that features a clear acrylic screen to keep recipes splatter-free.  The foldaway design lets you store it flat on a shelf or in a drawer when not in use.

Other types of cookbook stands and recipe holders can be found here.


Space-saving kitchen carts


Ever dreamed of having your own private island?  For most of us, a rolling kitchen island is probably the closest we’ll ever come to attaining that dream.  But that’s OK because these handy kitchen carts are so much more useful than swaying palm trees.

The best mobile kitchen islands provide a variety of storage areas (drawers, cabinets and open shelves) along with a comfortable work surface.

Here are three types of kitchen island carts that can help you make the most of your kitchen space:

  •  The versatile Butcher Block Rolling Kitchen & BBQ Workstation is designed to be used anywhere you need both food prep Butcher Block Rolling Kitchen & BBQ Workstation Imageand storage areas. It features a butcher block counter, a chopping station with a refuse portal that leads into a bowl for kitchen waste, a cabinet with a garbage bag holder, and a towel bar, plus two shelves and drawers.
  • The Shuttered Kitchen Island Cart includes two ventilated cabinets, a drawer, an open shelf, a flip-top compartment and a towel rod, all set atop industrial-grade casters.
  • The compact Kitchen Cube Cart can fit in anywhere but the smallest kitchen–its footprint is a mere Kitchen Cube Cart Image17 x 17 inches.  Although lacking closed storage (no drawer or cabinet), it does offer an exceptional amount of open shelf space: six side shelves–three on each side– with retainer rods for securely storing bottles, jars and cans; plus two adjustable central shelves for larger items such as bowls, dishes and pots.

More kitchen carts can be found here.


Hair styling storage solutions


Keeping your hair looking good doesn’t mean your bathroom counter has to look bad.  But when your hair-styling arsenal includes a blow dryer, curling iron, flat iron, brushes, combs and all types of hair care products, an uncluttered vanity may seem like an unattainable dream.

Luckily there are now a number of excellent hair styling storage solutions available. Whether you prefer a counter-top organizer, a wall-mountable unit, or one that hangs on a towel rack or inside a cabinet door, here are three different well-designed options–all of which allow you to safely store hot appliances:

  • The wall-mounted Hair Care Organizer is a mirrored cabinet designed to keep all your hair care appliances (up to four) and supplies organized, easily accessible yet hidden away.  It features a built-in power source that lets you keep your appliances plugged in and allows you to turn them on/off with the switch of a button (also usable for cell phone chargers and other devices); a patented cord management system; an adjustable shelf for storing hair care products; and dual mirrors (one on each side of the door), plus a magnifying makeup mirror.
  •  The versatile Hair Styling Station provides storage for a variety of styling tools and it can be hung from a towel rack, kept on a counter or inside a cabinet.  It includes a back pocket for storing electric cords or hair brushes.  The main compartment is undivided; if you’d like something similar but with separate compartments for each appliance, consider the Hair Care Caddy.
  • The Hair Tool Organizer is a counter-top organizer offering three metal-lined sections Bathroom Storage Chest Imagefor storing hot blow-driers, flat irons and curling irons; two open bins for hair styling products; and a bottom drawer that provides concealed storage for combs, clips, hair scrunchies and other small items. The space-saving footprint (12 inches wide x 9 inches high x 8.5 inches deep) helps keep your counter clutter-free.

You can find more hair styling storage solutions here.