Answer: Bathroom linen rack


Q. We are building a new house with my dream vintage bathroom. Do you have any unique suggestions for displaying vintage linen, doilies, etc. in the bathroom (such as towel racks hung high so if they are hand towels, no one will be confused with using them? Or a special rack shaped like a warming towel rack that would layer displayed linens? A quilt rack only hangs in the same layers so linens cannot be seen.

A. I don’t think you need to worry about guests drying their hands on your vintage linens since it seems most people are reluctant to even use standard guest towels. (I recommend having paper towels on a holder right by the sink since guests are more likely to use what is most convenient.)

For displaying your vintage linens on a tiered rack, here are three options that are each available in different styles:

Whichever type of towel rack you choose, you can place it as far as possible from the sink so guests will be less inclined to think of using your decorative linens.


Ornament Organizers


Merry Christmas!  It always seems like the holidays are far off until suddenly they’re upon us. Then, before you know it, the time comes to take down all the holiday decorations and pack them away.

Packing and storing Christmas tree ornaments can be one of the most time-consuming parts of that process. To prevent decoration damage and disorder, ornament storage boxes are a necessity–they offer separate compartments for fragile bulbs and other pieces so you don’t need to wrap them individually. Here are three outstanding ornament organizers that will save you tons of packing and unpacking time so you can enjoy the holidays more:

  • The Christmas Ornament Storage Chest keeps up to 54 ornaments Christmas Ornament Storage Chest Imagesafe and organized in three removable drawers with dividers. Each drawer holds up to 18 ornaments (3-3/4 inches in diameter maximum) in individual compartments and includes a contents label on the front. The chest has reinforced carrying handles and is designed to fold flat for easy storage while your ornaments are on display.
  • If you prefer a stackable see-through container, the Christmas Ornament Storage box is a good choice. Capable of safely storing up to 75 round ornaments in individual sections, it has three layers of corrugated dividers that can be manipulated or removed to accommodate larger or irregularly shaped ornaments. The hinged interlocking lid and built-in handles make it easy to stack and transport.
  • The Christmas Ornament Keeper is a mobile storage solution that’s ideal for a large collection of even the most delicate ornaments.  Four removable traysChristmas Ornament Storage Container Image have 80  adjustable compartments lined with ultra-soft fabric and padding that covers lightweight metal rods which can be adjusted to customize the fit for ornaments of different  sizes.  The wheeled frame has a telescoping handle that holds the trays at different heights to make the contents accessible, and collapses for storage; when the handle is extended you can easily access ornaments without removing the storage trays.  A protective zip-off cover keeps everything dust-free and safe from moisture.

Space-saving stemware storage


Storing wine glasses safely yet accessibly can be a challenge.  This is especially true if you want to keep your stemware close to where you store your wine.  Luckily there are several thoughtfully designed stemware storage solutions that include space for wine bottles–all without taking up any countertop space.

Here are three different space-saving wine glass racks that also provide storage for wine:

  • The chrome Under Cabinet Wine and Stemware Rack provides easy access even if you’re petite, since it mounts under a cabinet.  Under Cabinet Wine and Stemware Rack ImageThe easy-to-install unit (just four screws) can hold six bottles of wine plus six wine glasses with bases up to 3.3 inches in diameter.
  • Designed to make the most of wasted overhead  space, the ceiling-mounted Hanging Wine and Stemware Rack (suspended from heavy duty 18-inch-long chains) has slots on the top for storing up to eight standard-sized wine bottles; the bottom slats can hold up to 16 pieces of stemware.
  • The Wall Mount Stemware and Wine Bottle Rack, constructed of hardwood with cast metal brackets, holds up to 15 wine glasses and five bottles of wine. Wall Mount Stemware and Wine Bottle Rack Image

Gift wrap storage solutions


When it comes to gift wrap clutter, there’s no time like the present to get organized.

Wrapping paper–whether rolled or flat–and gift bags, plus all the other types of gift-wrapping gear (ribbons, bows, tissue, etc.), can be easily damaged, so having an effective storage system is crucial.  Luckily there are numerous gift wrap organizers designed specifically to keep your gifting supplies safe and organized yet easy to access.

Here are three smart gift wrap storage solutions that accommodate a variety of supplies:

  • The Hanging Gift Wrap Organizer hangs on a closet rod and spins 360 degrees for easy access to all four sides, which include six mesh compartments and six elastic loops.  The main compartment can store up to 25 rolls of 30-inch-high wrapping paper.  The system can be easily lifted off your closet rod and moved to your gift-wrapping station.
  • The Hanging Wrapping Paper Storage Bag has an over-the-door hook for hanging inside a closet door, and holds up to twelve 40-inch-long rolls of wrapping paper. It also includes a removable compartment designed to hold gift labels, ribbons and tape.
  • The Gift Wrap Storage Bag consists of a main bag featuring eight pockets along the bottom for rolls of wrapping paper, plus an interior bag with two compartments to store large bows, ribbons and other accessories.  A full-length zipper allows you to spread out your material while the top flap offers quick access to the interior section. Reinforced handles on the top and sides make it easy to transport.



Mudroom and entryway organizers


Mud isn’t the main problem in mudrooms (aka entryways or foyers). Especially during the winter season when boots, shoes and umbrellas–not to mention coats, hats and gloves–tend to pile up and make your home’s entrance look less than enticing.

Whether you have an actual mudroom or just a simple entryway, keeping the floor of your home’s entry area clear of clutter can be particularly challenging.  Here are three different types of entryway organizers designed to minimize mudroom maintenance:

  • The Shoe Rack with Umbrella Stand offers four slatted shelves that work well for shoe storage; the top shelf is actually more handy for holding purses, gloves, Shoe Rack with Umbrella Stand Imagepackages or whatever you’re carrying when you walk in the door. The hardwood rack also features a side stand designed for storing umbrellas, canes and even muddy boots, with a metal tray on the bottom to protect floors from drips and dirt.
  • The Bamboo Storage Bench has spaces for two pairs of high boots and at least four pairs of shoes or other items. The bench top can be used either as a place to sit while putting on or taking off footwear, or as a convenient “loading zone” for purses and packages.
  • The Entryway Organizer provides efficient storage for everything except footwear.  It includes twoEntryway Organizer Image hooks on each of the four sides, for hanging coats and hats; two center shelves for holding purses, etc.; an umbrella stand; and a slim drawer into which you can discreetly empty the contents of your pockets.

More types of mudroom and entryway organizers can be found here.