Answer: Slide-out baskets for narrow cabinet


Q. I am looking for chrome slide out baskets for cookware (like casserole dishes, pie plates, roasting pans, etc.) that will fit in a 10” wide by 22” tall by 22” deep cabinet. Can you help me?

A. Slide-out organizers that are at least 20″ deep tend to be at least 11″ wide.
I think your best bet might be to get a High-Backed Cabinet Pull Out Shelf which seems to be the only slide-out option available that would exactly fit your 10″ W x 22″ D cabinet dimensions.

I did find two other types of slide-outs that would fit your cabinet; they’re not baskets but they could work for storing roasting pans and other items that can be stored on end:Tray Divider Roll-Out Image

The Roll-Out Tray Divider and Organizer is 9″ W x 19.5″ H x 22″ D.                                The Slide Out Lid and Tray Organizer  is 7″W x  9″H x 21″D.


Reusable bag organizers


As more cities go “plastic bag free”, it’s good to get in the habit of bringing your own tote bags when you go shopping. You probably already have plenty of reusable bags (or bags that are waiting to be reused), but remembering to bring them along can be a challenge.

Figuring out how to store them neatly and accessibly in your vehicle is half the battle. (The other half is remembering to put the bags back in it after you’ve unloaded all your groceries.)  Here are three reusable bag organizers that can help you keep your bags moving in the right direction:

  • The Collapsible Trunk Organizer features three compartments that can be used for organizing empty reusable bags (paper, canvas or plastic) Collapsible Trunk Organizer Imageas well as storing bags full of groceries; plus four mesh pockets and two zippered end pockets for stashing smaller bags and other items.  It includes side handles for carrying and folds away easily for storage. Similar foldaway trunk organizers can be found here.
  • The BagHen is an all-in-one organizer, holder and dispenser for reusable bags. The unit is designed to sit atop and attach to the bag stand or bag dispensing arms at stores, and includes seven polypropylene bags with reinforced handles and hard bottom inserts.
  • For storing and dispensing plastic grocery sacks, the Stainless Steel Grocery Bag Holder is Stainless Steel Grocery Bag Holder Imagea sleek, streamlined storage solution.  The space-saving design (less than 3.5 inches deep and 6.75 inches wide) has a non-skid base  for stand-alone use and is also wall-mountable, so you can use it either in your car or at home.



Boot storage solutions


Boots are more of a chore to store than shoes.  They tend to take up at least twice as much space, and they’re also easy to damage when stored improperly.

Luckily there are now a number of boot storage solutions that keep your boots safe while making the most of your available space.  Here are three different types of space-saving boot organizers:

  • The freestanding Transformer Boot and Shoe Rack stores up to six pairs of tall boots and can be customized to accommodate Transformer Adjustable Boot and Shoe Rack Imagefootwear of varying heights (for example, three pairs of boots and nine pairs of shoes).  It consists of a steel frame anchoring adjustable canvas-covered plastic shelves and dividers, held in place with snaps. The top of the rack can be used for additional storage. Another freestanding storage option for boots is the Stackable Boot Rack which also holds up to six pairs of tall boots, and features a bottom wire shelf with a cover to protect floors from dirt and mud.
  • The Boot Butler is a combination boot shaper and organizer that hangs from a closet rod and holds up to five pairs of boots.
  • Designed to keep three pairs of boots safe from scratches while hanging in the closet, the Hanging Boot Organizer features Hanging Boot Organizer Imagesix 19-inch-tall, clear vinyl pockets (so you can store each boot separately) attached to a chrome swivel hook.  Included with the organizer is a set of inflatable boot inserts.

Sock drawer organizers


What do Valentine’s Day and socks have in common?   For both, pairs are essential.  And sometimes finding a mate for a sock can seem harder than finding a mate.

Whether or not you have a significant other, Valentine’s Day is as good a time as any to organize your sock drawer.  And if you have a messy mate, organizing his or her sock drawer is a special way to show your love.  Here are three types of sock drawer organizers designed to keep socks happily paired up and neatly organized:

  • Flexible drawer dividers.   Diamonds are always a great gift, so consider the Diamond Drawer Organizer –it features up to 32 diamond-shaped compartments sized perfectly for individualDiamond Drawer Divider Image pairs of socks (each section is 4-1/2 by 4-1/2 inches). The smooth plastic interlocking dividers fit most drawers and can be cut for smaller drawers.  Simply stuff a pair of socks into each diamond and you’ve instantly got a perfectly tidy sock drawer that lets you see all the socks at a glance.  A similar option for you or your honey is the Honeycomb Drawer Organizer, a set of eight honeycomb dividers that snap together to form 18 individual cubbies each measuring 3.15 by 3 inches–ideal for socks or hosiery.
  • Drawer inserts. The Sock Drawer Organizer is a fabric-lined drawer tray with nine 4-inch-square compartments for keeping pairs of socks and similar items safely separated and tidy.
  • Clear stackable drawer with dividers.  If you never seem to have enough drawer space for your socks, just add a drawer–the Small Clear Plastic Stacking Clothing Drawer is ideal for housing socks, especially when paired with Small Plastic Drawer Dividers. The dividers slide and lock into place to provide six separate compartments that allow you to easily see everything in the drawer.

Other types of drawer dividers can be found here.


Conquer paper piles with file holders


What’s a simple solution for conquering your paper piles?  Super-handy file holders.

When the files you should be using are extremely accessible, you’re more likely to file instead of pile.  So set up small groups of files in file holders located right where papers pile up. For example, have a file holder in the kitchen with files labeled for coupons, takeout menus, instructions or any other paper categories that tend to accumulate on your kitchen counters.

Here are three types of file holders that work well in almost any room:

More file holder choices can be found here.