Room Divider or Picture Frame?


Room dividers have become a home decor item that also serves a functional purpose. Because they are a great decor piece, they come in all colors, styles and sizes. They are easy to personalize and can fit in with any decor! When it comes to personalizing, there are many options. My favorite option is with pictures!!

Whether in the living room or the bedroom, pictures make any room feel more like home. If you have limited space, adding pictures to a room divider is the best way to display your favorite moments without cluttering the area with picture frames.

There are room dividers you can purchase that have several built in frames. These are nice for someone who wants the quick-fix and has no time for a project. The nice thing about them is you can just slide your pictures in and call it good. The con is that the frame dictates the size photo you can use which limits your choice.


When making a project of it and doing it yourself, you can have pictures of all sizes and find different ways of mounting them. I recommend using a fabric panel room divider to start with. There are tons of mounting options for the fabric panel compared to a plastic or wooden one.


By adding your favorite photos to a room divider, you are not only personalizing your room divider but the room as well! If you are attaching your own photos play around with it. An overlapping collage, aligned pictures or random sized pictures in no order are all options that are fun and add a lot of personality to a room.


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