Space-saving cabinet trash containers


trash containerCabinet trash containers solve two common dilemmas: how to hide away a trash receptacle yet still have it easily accessible; and what to do if there isn’t enough floor space for a wastebasket.

Here are three types of super space-saving cabinet trash containers:

  • Both the Rack Sack Bathroom Trash System and the Rack Sack Kitchen Trash System (pictured) are wire-frame trash bag holders that mount directly to the inside of a cabinet door. The bathroom trash system can hold a 1-gallon Rack Sack trash bag. The kitchen trash system is larger and can be adjusted to hold either 3-gallon or 5-gallon trash bags. Both systems have plastic lids that are cleverly designed with a storage compartment for conveniently storing extra bags.
  • Sliding Cabinet Trash Cans consist of a slide-out steel frame that mounts to the base of cabinets and holds a removable trash container, available in several sizes.
  • Swing-out Trash Cans mount inside the cabinet and pivot out when the cabinet door is opened; a lifting mechanism automatically raises the lid and then closes it when the door is shut.  A removable interior container lifts out with a handle for easy cleaning

Other types of cabinet door trash containers can be found here.