Car Visor Organizers


Visor OrganizersUtilizing your car visor for storage is an effective way to keep your glove compartment and front seat tidier. Car visor organizers are a simple solution for controlling common types of car clutter–especially paper clutter.

Here are three of my favorite car visor organizers:

  • The Visor Receipt Organizer features five deep pockets for efficient storage of receipts, directions, sunglasses and more.  Elastic straps make it fit neatly on most auto visors; a nylon cord also allows you to hang it from a knob. It includes a handy mileage tracker plus a pen and notepad for recording gas expenses and mileage, landmarks and other information while on the road.
  • The Visor Registration Wallet lets you keep your registration, proof of insurance and auto club card organized inside two clear plastic storage sleeves. Elastic straps allow you to attach the visor wallet to any auto visor, or you can simply fold it up and tuck it into your glove box or console. An outer mesh pocket is ideal for holding cash, toll cards and other small items.  The wallet snaps closed with powerful magnets to keep everything securely in place.
  • The Car Visor Organizer offers storage for notes, currency, sunglasses and all those little things you always need at your fingertips while on the road. It features Velcro installation, a loop for holding a tire gauge or pen, and five different pockets: a clear plastic pocket for keeping directions visible; a zippered pocket for documents; a zippered mesh pocket for currency; a padded pocket for glasses; and a side pocket for receipts, etc.

For more ideas on keeping your car organized, read my Conquer Car Clutter post.


Can Storage Solutions


Ever wish you could instantly organize your jumbled canned foods and beverages?  Well, now you can.

If you’ve got a cabinet or pantry full of disorganized cans and no time to get them in order, take heart. Here are three different can storage solutions that make it easy to quickly organize your can clutter:

  •  The Chrome Wire Can Storage Rack provides three spacious shelves (18 inches wide by 16 inches Chrome Wire Can Storage Rack Imagedeep) of storage space for canned goods, designed to accommodate a total of up to 45 cans of varying sizes.  The shelves are slanted to allow the next can in line to roll to the front (a rim keeps cans from rolling off the shelf), and the base has rubber feet to keep the unit firmly in place.
  • The slim (only 5.5 inches wide), compact Canned Food Dispenser stores up to nine 10.5- to 16-ounce cans on two levels.  When you remove a can from the bottom tier, another can takes its place thanks to the gravity-feed release system.  This space-saving can storage system also works well on refrigerator shelves to keep soda cans neatly stored and easy to grab.
  • If you need even more storage for beverage cans in your fridge, the White Wire 24-Can Beverage Dispenser holdsWhite Wire 24-Can Beverage Dispenser Image up to 24 standard soda cans, keeps the next can at your fingertips and even has a top storage shelf for holding additional beverages or food containers.  Despite the name, this canned beverage dispenser will also hold canned foods and may be used on pantry shelves or inside cabinets.





Conquer paper piles with file holders


What’s a simple solution for conquering your paper piles?  Super-handy file holders.

When the files you should be using are extremely accessible, you’re more likely to file instead of pile.  So set up small groups of files in file holders located right where papers pile up. For example, have a file holder in the kitchen with files labeled for coupons, takeout menus, instructions or any other paper categories that tend to accumulate on your kitchen counters.

Here are three types of file holders that work well in almost any room:

More file holder choices can be found here.


Stuffed toys storage solutions


Do stuffed animals breed?  It certainly seems that way. Limiting a collection of stuffed toys to a manageable size is nearly impossible for those who can’t resist this type of cuteness.

Keeping “stuffies” organized is usually a losing battle, especially since there’s no point in putting them away–unless “away” means a place where they can be easily seen and reached.  Luckily there are several stuffed toys storage solutions that help you maintain a semblance of order while keeping plush collectibles visible, accessible and off beds and floors.  Here are three worth checking out:

  • The Stuffed Toy Hammock is a wall-mounted mesh net holder, five-and-a-half feet wide, that mounts to walls and Stuffed Toy Hammock Imageprovides a simple way to store and display all types of plush toys.  Since it can be attached at any height, it works well for all ages.
  • The Chain Gang consists of a ceiling-mounted six-foot-long plastic chain with 20 removable clips designed to hold stuffed animals and other toys.  The clips are easy to move and re-attach, and can be placed anywhere on the chain; additional clips are available so you can add more if needed.
  • The Mesh Five Tier Hanging Closet Organizer attaches to any closet rod with heavy-duty Velcro; each of its five compartments has a sturdy shelf frame and a flexible opening to accommodate various sizes of toys.  Colorful Mesh Hanging Closet Organizer ImageThe openings also provide a fun way to display the faces of favorite stuffed animals.

Auto trash container organizers


Cars would be so much easier to keep clean and uncluttered if they came with a built-in garbage disposal.  Or even better: how about a handy trash receptacle that also offers storage options for disposable supplies such as Kleenexes, napkins and hand wipes?  (All typical car clutter contributors–as you may have noticed in your own or others’ vehicles.)

Luckily there are several types of auto trash container organizers designed to make life easier and tidier. Here are three that are especially efficient:

  • The Auto Litterbag and Tissue Holder attaches around a headrest andAuto Litterbag and Tissue Holder Image provides a roomy trash compartment with a spring frame that closes tightly to keep trash and odors contained, and a sealed-vinyl interior that’s leak-proof and easy to wipe clean. A separate compartment holds a standard-size tissue box, and two mesh side pockets keep wipes and bottles handy.
  • The CarNap is a unique customizable mobile napkin dispenser and trash disposal solution. You can strap it onto either a headrest or center console, making it easy for anyone in your car to access. It includes two swivel hooks for holding a litter bag (such as a plastic grocery bag), plus a dispenser that accommodates both standard-size and fast-food paper napkins.
  • The compact Car Trash Bin (also available large and extra-large sizes) is designed to sit Car Trash Bin - Compact Imageon the floor–it features a weighted bottom with Velcro to grip the carpet and keep the trash bin upright; rigid sidewalls prevent collapse, and a Velcro-closure lid ensures that trash is securely covered. The leak-proof vinyl interior keeps messes to a minimum (you can also line it with a small plastic trash bag). Two mesh side pockets offer storage for whatever small items you want to keep handy.




Shoe Storage Solutions


“I did not have three thousand pairs of shoes, I had one thousand and sixty.” – Imelda Marcos

Whether the size of your shoe collection rivals Imelda’s or you have a more minimalist approach to accumulating footwear, there are storage options for almost every space, budget and type of shoe. Shoe organizers come in many styles, including racks, cubbies, underbed chests, stackable drawers, hanging pockets, and boxes made of clear acrylic.

Here are three of my favorite storage solutions for footwear of all kinds:

  • The Shoe and Boot Storage Rack is a free-standing organizer that accommodates shoes and boots of almost any height.  It features four tall rectangle compartments for storing tall boots upright and eight square compartments for everything from sneakers to high heels.  Plus it’s attractive enough to keep out of the closet.
  • The Over the Door Shoe Storage system can hold up to 18 pairs of shoes of all sizes, in or out of shoe boxes. The shoe rack is designed to slide over a household door of any thickness or it can be permanently mounted to a door or wall.
  • The Floor to Ceiling Shoe Tree is a tall revolving shoe carousel featuring a tension pole designed to fit in spaces with ceilings up to 9 feet tall.  It has six tiers with room Floor to Ceiling Shoe Tree Imagefor up to 36 pairs of footwear, plus a rotating mesh storage basket at the bottom for storing socks and other accessories.  The height of each tier (including the mesh basket) is adjustable to accommodate shoes of all sizes.





Space Day Space-savers


Today is International Space Day–the perfect day to take stock of your living space, your work space and, of course, your outer space. If you’ve ever wished you had more room in any of those spaces, here’s how to make the most of what you have.

  • Declutter.  Less stuff = more space. Although getting rid of clutter doesn’t technically give you more space, removing excess stuff invariably makes a place look and feel more spacious.
  • Doorganize.  Most doors–including cabinet doors–
    can be put to use for maximizing space.  Fortunately there are now many types of organizers specifically designed to utilize doors. A good example: The Freedomrail Over the Door Organizer which allows you to create a customized adjustable storage system for your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, laundry or any room.

  • Double-duty furnishings.  The best space-savers always serve at least two purposes, such as this well-designed bench that provides both seating and storage for shoes and accessories.Shoe Storage Shelf - Bench Image Likewise, there’s a storage ottoman that converts to a small coffee table with a serving tray and also stores a matching footstool.  The key is to choose space-saving furnishings that fill multiple needs and that work well.  Resist the impulse to get space savers that are more clever than useful.

Sports Equipment Organizers


Collecting sporting gear seemingly has become as much of a hobby as the recreational activities themselves. There are dozens of sports and each has its own type of equipment and accessories. But without an organized system for storing all your paraphernalia, you can end up spending more time playing hide-and-seek with misplaced gear than you do playing your preferred sport. Luckily there are some excellent space-saving sports equipment organizers available to help you stay on top of your game — or games, as the case may be. Here are three of the best:Wall-Mount Sports Gear Rack Image

  • The Wall-Mount Sports Gear Rack features three racks sized to hold everything from basketballs and soccer balls to helmets. Specialty hooks on the side are designed to hold baseball bats and tennis rackets, while six adjustable hooks on the bottom section are ideal for hanging caps, jackets and small accessories.
  • The Sports Bench Organizer does double duty as a ventilated sports storage container that’s also a comfortable bench with handrails.
  • Sports Equipment Organizer ImageThe free-standing Sports Equipment Organizer helps you easily organize all sizes of balls, skates, sticks, bats and other gear by utilizing a grid design that lets you move nine hooks around so you can configure the rack to fit your sporting storage needs. It also includes a basket sized to corral smaller items such as tennis balls.

Desktop organizers for home offices


Whether you have an actual desk or just a corner of the kitchen counter allocated for your home office, the right organizing tools can help you keep things in order.  Specifically, a well-designed desktop organizer will allow you to process paperwork efficiently in almost any area of your home.

Here are three of my favorite desktop organizers which can be used in most offices but are especially good for the home office:

  • The space-saving Desk Tray Organizer utilizes vertical space effectively by sleekly combining two Desk Tray Organizer Imagestacking trays, a pencil cup and an organizing tray for corralling office supplies.
  •  The efficient Victor Tidy Tower Organizer features multiple compartments, including a top tray, an open slot, two small drawers and a large bottom drawer.
  • The clever Monitor Stand Organizer does triple-duty as an ergonomic monitor riser, file holder and office supply station. Monitor Stand Organizer Image



Time-saving bathroom & kitchen cleanup tips


Bathrooms and kitchens are easy to make messes in, so why not make it easy to clean them up?  Here are some simple yet strategic tips to help you maintain order and cleanliness in these areas:

  • Awavio Paper Towel Holder ImageKeep a roll of paper towels on a handy dispenser near each sink. This will make it easier for anyone in the household to wipe toothpaste spatters off the medicine cabinet mirror or mop up mishaps on kitchen counters.
    You’ll also never need to think about putting out guest towels for unexpected visitors. (Just remember to put a wastebasket in an easy-to-access spot. You don’t want a paper towel ending up in the toilet.)
  • If you prefer not to use paper towels, another option is to install a towel ring for hanging a designated cleanup towel near sinks. Or consider an old-fashioned but still excellent towel-grabber. Even easier, Over Cabinet Door Towel Bar - Clear Image
    use an over-the-cabinet-door towel holder requiring no installation.
  • A container of pre-moistened cleaning wipes is also helpful to have on hand in both kitchen and bathroom.  A more economical alternative is Windex Touch-ups.

By taking a few seconds to clean up any areas right after they’ve been splashed or splattered, or at least at the end of each day, the need to ever do a major clean-up job is almost eliminated.