Garage Organizers


garage organizersHaving an organized garage is such a popular fantasy, an entire industry has grown up around it.

But you don’t have to hire a garage organization company to achieve some semblance of order.  Here are three types of garage organizers that can help you turn your garage fantasy into a reality:

  • Wall-mounted. The Clothing Storage Garage System is a complete modular organizer designed to store a wide variety of items (not just clothing). The system consists of a steel wall-mount frame with rails to which you attach storage accessories, which include: two wire shelves, a solid steel shelf, a clothes hanging bar, two shoe racks, two wire baskets and two recycle/storage bags.  All the accessories lock onto the frame to stay in place so they’ll never fall off when items are being removed or returned.  Each accessory can be easily removed and re-positioned on the frame in seconds, so it’s easy to reconfigure the system as your storage requirements change.
  • Rolling.  The Heavy Duty 3-Shelf Utility Cart is a multipurpose cart with a 550-pound total capacity.  It’s constructed of a strong plastic resin that resists dents, chips and rust, making it ideal for storing and moving everything from tools to landscaping materials. Rounded corners mean no sharp edges to nick walls or vehicles.  And the handle has a special feature–it includes a built-in storage bin for small accessories and parts.
  • Freestanding.  The Adjustable Shelving System has a steel frame that’s completely open on both sides, so you can easily access all stored items.  It features nine adjustable shelves made of simulated wood (high-density fiberboard).  The customizable design allows you store a broad range of supplies and materials.

For more ideas on garage organizers, read my posts on garage storage systems and garage organizing tips.


Seasonal storage solutions


Are your closets still stuffed with cool-weather clothes and blankets?  Procrastinators, take heart–it’s not too late to store out-of-season items. (Just be sure to launder or dry-clean all fabric materials before storing even if they look clean.)

The trick is to use containers that will keep out moisture and bugs, yet will be easy for you to access the contents. Here are three types of super seasonal storage solutions:

  • The Jumbo Zipper Storage Bag is ample enough to accommodate large items such as an over-sized comforter or even a sleeping bag. Jumbo Zipper Storage Bag ImageConstructed of water-resistant heavy-duty woven polyethylene tarp, it’s a spacious 26 inches high by 22 inches wide by 12 inches deep and has four handles (one on each side) for comfortable carrying.  A label pocket lets you easily note the contents.
  • Stackable plastic storage boxes are ideal for storing out-of-season blankets, flannel sheets and bulky clothing.  They come in a variety of sizes and configurations.
  • Covered garment racks work well for storing out-of-season clothes that you prefer to keep on hangers. For bug-safe storage of garments made of natural fibers such as wool and silk, Cedarstow Hanging  Hanging Wardrobe - Extra Wide - CedarStow ImageWardrobes provide extra protection–the freestanding units feature interlocking cedar panels on the sides, and also include side hooks so they can be hung from a closet rod.

Other types of cedar clothing storage helpers can be found here.


Sporting gear storage solutions


Sports are fun, but storing sporting gear?  Not so much.

It can be a challenge to keep sports stuff organized and easily accessible yet out of the way.  Since sports equipment varies widely–from footballs to fishing poles–you may need specialized types of storage for yours.

Here are three efficient examples of sporting gear storage solutions:

  • Soccer balls, footballs, volleyballs, basketballs….for storing all of these and more, the wall-mounted Ball Storage Rack helps you to literally have a ball.  It’s designed to neatly store, organize and display up to seven full-size sports balls of almost any shape and sizeBall Storage Rack Image.  The rack is also versatile–it can be set up vertically (as shown) to fit on a narrow wall, or reconfigured into three horizontal sections.
  • The heavy-duty rolling Storage Rack with Baskets features three pull-out baskets of different sizes that work well for storing a variety of sporting gear.  Two top shelves provide additional storage space.
  • For long or flat types of sporting gear such as skis, fishing poles, wakeboards and snowboards, the ceiling-mounted Garage Sports Organizer is ideal–and a real space-saver.  When you pull it downwards, it locks into place so you can easily remove and replace items as needed, and then it smoothly auto-retracts back up to the ceiling.  The system has a 50-pound capacity and holds up to eight fishing poles or other combinations of sports gear.

Bicycle storage solutions


Like to bike–but hate to put it away?  Storing your bicycle inside shouldn’t be a hassle. Whether you have one bike or four, there are a number of bicycle storage solutions to choose from.  Gravity stands, wall-mounted racks and ceiling-mounted hoist systems are among the most popular.

Here are three examples of efficient and easy-to-use indoor bike storage systems:

  • If you only need to store one bicycle, the wall-mounted Bike Rack and Basket is a good choice–it lets you hang up a bike of any size while also providing storage for your bikeGrid or Wall Mount Bike Rack and Basket Image accessories. The unit consists of two hooks for holding one bicycle; a steel basket for stashing your helmet, shoes and water bottle; and two accessory hooks for hanging additional biking necessities.
  • For the two-bike household, the Gravity Double Standing Bike Rack takes up only 19 inches of space from the wall and requires no installation (ideal for apartment dwellers). Braced on the floor with a coated pedestal foot, the rack leans against the wall and safely suspends two bikes (one above the other) with vinyl-coated arms that are independently adjustable to accommodate any size or style of bike frame.
  • Storing four bikes is a cinch with the ceiling-mounted 4 Hook Bike Storage System–you just press a button to lower or raise the 60-inch loading bar that can hold up to 125 pounds on four sliding hooks. Bike Storage System - 4 Hook Image This motorized hoist system lets you easily lift your bikes overhead and out of the way to free up floor space. (Ceiling needs to be a minimum of 8 feet high, maximum 15 feet high.)

More bicycle storage solutions can be found here.


Garden Hose Organizers


If you’ve got a garden, you’ve probably experienced hose clutter.  Unruly garden hoses have a way of creating chaos–not only do they look messy, they’re potentially hazardous (as anyone who has ever tripped over a hose tangle can attest).

Luckily there are several helpful hose clutter remedies to choose from.  Here are three types of garden hose organizers that provide convenient and safe storage:

  • Hose reel systems allow you to easily retract your hose, tangle-free–and then keepHose Reel Hideaway - Taupe Image it neatly hidden away and protected from the elements when not in use.  The Hose Reel Hideaway has two special features: an Easylink system which ensures a water-tight connection between your hose and the reel; and a Smart Trak hose guide that tracks the hose neatly onto the reel.  A more deluxe hose reel system is the Hydro Power Auto Rewind Hose Reel, a water-powered automatic hose reel that rewinds your hose hands-free with the flip of a lever.
  • Hose pots such as the Garden Hose Storage Pot are more decorative but less user-friendly than hose reels.  Designed to look like wide planter pots with a side opening for the hose to come through, they require you to manually coil the hose inside the pot.
  • Wall-mounted hose holders such as the Filigree Garden Hose Holder also require the effort of manual hose Filigree Garden Hose Holder Imagecoiling but take up the least amount of space, and are the most economical option.  Hose holders are available in a variety of styles.

Hand Tool Storage Solutions


Want to keep your hand tools handy?  Try thinking outside the toolbox and consider storage options designed for easy access.

Here are three different types of accessible and space-saving hand tool storage solutions:

  • The Step Stool Tool Box offers portable tool storage inside a sturdy stepstool: the top flips up to reveal a lift-out tray with compartments for organizing small tools, nails, screws, etc.; underneath the tray is a larger area for storing hammers and other hand tools.  A flip-down handle in the lid makes the unit easy to transport.
  • For frequently used tools in your garage or workshop, the Wall Mount Tool Rack has 96 slots of varying sizes for individual storage of many types of hand tools (everything but hammers)–which means the tools you use most can be kept easily accessible.
  • The Tool Tote features an open top with deep compartments and a large carrying handle; side Tool Tote Imageslots for vertical storage of screwdrivers and handled tools; and a partitioned, dual-access bottom drawer for screws and other small hardware items.

More tool storage options can be found here.



Mudroom and entryway organizers


Mud isn’t the main problem in mudrooms (aka entryways or foyers). Especially during the winter season when boots, shoes and umbrellas–not to mention coats, hats and gloves–tend to pile up and make your home’s entrance look less than enticing.

Whether you have an actual mudroom or just a simple entryway, keeping the floor of your home’s entry area clear of clutter can be particularly challenging.  Here are three different types of entryway organizers designed to minimize mudroom maintenance:

  • The Shoe Rack with Umbrella Stand offers four slatted shelves that work well for shoe storage; the top shelf is actually more handy for holding purses, gloves, Shoe Rack with Umbrella Stand Imagepackages or whatever you’re carrying when you walk in the door. The hardwood rack also features a side stand designed for storing umbrellas, canes and even muddy boots, with a metal tray on the bottom to protect floors from drips and dirt.
  • The Bamboo Storage Bench has spaces for two pairs of high boots and at least four pairs of shoes or other items. The bench top can be used either as a place to sit while putting on or taking off footwear, or as a convenient “loading zone” for purses and packages.
  • The Entryway Organizer provides efficient storage for everything except footwear.  It includes twoEntryway Organizer Image hooks on each of the four sides, for hanging coats and hats; two center shelves for holding purses, etc.; an umbrella stand; and a slim drawer into which you can discreetly empty the contents of your pockets.

More types of mudroom and entryway organizers can be found here.


Garage storage systems


If you wish there was more space in your garage for storage, good news: things are looking up.  Specifically, up in the rafters.

There’s a variety of garage storage systems that free up floor space by making the most of the wasted area underneath most garage roofs.  My favorites are the ones that don’t require a ladder to access stored items–they have hoist mechanisms that allow you to easily lower and raise them.  Here are three that are both useful and fun to use:

  • The HeavyLift Garage Storage Loft offers an easy way to utilize your garage rafters, with a unique pulley system that lets you raise and lower a 4-foot by 4-foot platform holding up to 250 pounds of items. Garage Rafter Storage Lift Image It features heavy-duty steel support beams that brace it securely to ceilings up to 12 feet tall, and vinyl-coated steel cables (operated by a hand crank) that safely lower the storage loft down as far as 8 feet below the ceiling.
  • The remote-controlled Garage Gator Electric Motorized Storage Lift system includes 8 sliding bar hooks and 4 bike cables, and holds up to 220 pounds.
  • The CargoLoc Garage Hoist is designed to hold everything from kayaks to bicycles on two 8-foot straps, with a 100-pound capacity Kayak Storage Hoist Imageand a “safe rope” locking mechanism that works with ceilings up to 14 ft.

Terrific Tool Organizers


If your household tools are jumbled together in a drawer or stuffed in various buckets and other containers, it’s time to get them in order.

There are many types of tool storage solutions but not all are useful for helping you keep your tools organized and easily accessible.  Here are three very different types of effective, affordable and innovative tool organizers:

  • For drawers–the RhinoGripz tool organizing system Tool Drawer Organizing System and Liner - Lime Imageallows you to turn almost any drawer into a customized and well-organized toolbox.  It consists of non-slip silicone liners that can be cut to fit, plus pliable tool holders (called “Divitz”) that attach to the liners anywhere you place them.
  • For walls–the Everbilt Wall-Mounted Magnetic Tool Bar makes it easy to keep your most frequently used tools handy yet out of the way.
  • For portability–the Bucket Tool Organizer is a multi-pocket “bucket apron” that turns any 5-gallon bucket into a mobile tidy tool tote.  Bucket Tool Organizer Image




Recycling Storage Solutions


“Reduce, reuse, recycle” — this catchy environmental mantra has become familiar to most of us. What’s not as familiar is the variety of space-saving storage solutions designed to make those three R’s easier to integrate into your household routine.

Recycling bins have tended to be unattractive space hogs that belonged outdoors or in the garage. So in many households, recyclable materials are often tossed in the trash simply because it isn’t convenient to recycle them. Fortunately there are several home recycling systems that are refreshingly streamlined and easy to use.  Here are some of the most efficient and attractive storage solutions for maintaining a “sustainable” home:

  • The Stainless Steel Three-Compartment Step Recycle Center features three step-open compartments with removable bins for storing and organizing plastic, glass and other recyclables.  Each recycle bin section has a color-coded step pedal for easy identification.Three-Compartment Stainless Steel Recycle Bin Image

It’s also available in a two-compartment version.

  • For under-the-sink convenience, these Double Double Recycle Bins ImageRecycle Bins provide an out-of-the-way recycling station in an under-sink cabinet. The roomy removable recycling containers glide out on ball-bearing guided tracks and allow you to keep recyclables easily separated and ready for removal.
  • Simplehuman has an entire line of attractive and efficient dual-bucket home recycling systems.