Christmas Decoration Holders


So many Christmas decorations–so little time to hang them!

Christmas wreaths, lights, garlands, ornaments and stockings–all are lovely expressions of your holiday spirit.  But when not hung up in time for the season, they become clutter.

Good intentions can turn into Christmas clutter when you accumulate decorations without acquiring simple solutions for hanging them up.  Luckily there are now a number of easy-to-use Christmas decoration holders.  Here are five excellent examples that don’t require any nails-or-screws installation:

  • If your tree is overflowing or you just want to highlight a special ornament, consider the Christmas Ornament Stand.  Constructed of thick metal wire with a black finish, the elegant arched design has a side base for stability and is under 6 inches in diameter so it can fit on almost any surface.
  • The cast iron Holiday Stocking Hanger lets you safely hang Christmas stockings on the fireplace mantle without the need for screws, nails or hooks.   A decorative iron pinecone anchors a single hook that securely holds fully stuffed stockings.
  • The Adjustable Garland Hanger is an over-the-door holder that can hang up Christmas lights, long strands of garland or a decorative wreath. It adjusts to fit any door from 34 to 52 inches wide, and locks into position so you won’t have to worry about it falling down; and with no screws or nails, your door will remain undamaged.  All sizes of garland will hang perfectly on the decorative center and outer hooks to frame your door for the holidays. The center hooks are also perfect for hanging wreaths of any size for every season.
  • Command Outdoor Light Clips are a damage-free way to string your lights around a door, up the siding, under the soffits, around a window, or along the gutter all without nails or screws. Using a new formulation of the revolutionary Command™ Adhesive, these hooks are specially designed to hold strongly outdoors–and like all Command™ products, they remove cleanly with no holes, marks, stains or sticky residue.
  • Over-the-door Wreath Holders are available in several styles and finishes to accent almost any type of door.

Christmas tree storage solutions


Everyone knows that reusable Christmas trees make holiday decorating easier and more economical.  But not everyone knows how to store them so they won’t get damaged.

Storing artificial Christmas trees safely can be a challenge.  Not only are they big and bulky, they’re easy to crush.  Luckily there are several types of effective Christmas tree storage solutions.  Here are three examples:

  • The Upright Christmas Tree Storage Bag is easy to use–it attaches to your existing tree stand and Upright Christmas Tree Storage Bag Imagesimply pulls up from the ground to enclose your artificial tree. Best of all, it allows you to store your tree fully decorated. Designed to accommodate Christmas trees up to 7 1/2 feet tall, the bag is constructed of heavy-duty polyester fabric with durable side handles for easy carrying. The upright design also has a smaller footprint than other types of tree storage systems, so it can fit in a garage corner or closet.
  • If your tree is taller than 7 1/2 feet, the TreeKeeper Expandable Rolling Christmas Tree Storage Bag is a good choice–it can contain a tree that’s between 6 feet and 9 feet high, thanks to a zip-out section that expands as needed. Made from a puncture-resistant nylon and polyester material, the bag also has three wheels that make it a breeze to transport.
  • For the largest trees, your best bet is the Large GreensKeeper Tree Storage Bag–it can hold up to a 12-foot-high tree.  This rugged Christmas tree storage solution includes a sturdy interior frame, a compression GreensKeeper Tree Storage Bag - Large Imagestrap that holds the tree in place and creates room for other holiday decor items, two rugged wheels, and padded handles for comfortable carrying.

Helpful tips for how to safely store artificial Christmas trees can be found here.


Christmas tree ornament storage boxes


To prevent decoration damage and disorder, Christmas ornament storage boxes are a must.  These special containers offer separate compartments for fragile bulbs and other pieces so you don’t need to wrap them individually.  The ornament-sized compartments will save you hours of packing and unpacking time, so you can enjoy the holidays more.

Here are three examples of well-designed ornament storage boxes:

  • The Christmas Ornament Storage box is a stackable,Christmas Ornament Storage Image see-through container capable of safely storing up to 75 round ornaments in individual sections. It includes three layers of corrugated dividers that can be manipulated or removed to accommodate larger or irregularly shaped ornaments. The hinged interlocking lid and built-in handles make it easy to stack and transport.
  • Another stackable option is the Vision Holiday Ornament Storage Box, with 36 compartments and a removable top tray.  The box has a clear vinyl window and handles, and folds flat for storage during the holiday season.
  • The Christmas Ornament Keeper features three storage drawers with divided sections designed to hold ornamentsChristmas Ornament Keeper Image measuring up to 3 inches in diameter. Each removable drawer offers 24 compartments for a total of 72 storage sections. All three drawers are housed inside the storage box, which has a front flap that folds down so you can easily access the drawers. The lid is removable for top access, and a clear vinyl holder in the front allows you to label the stored contents.



Christmas light organizers


Christmas lights are a joy to behold but a pain to store.  Unfortunately, poorly stored lights turn into tangled strings and broken bulbs, causing decorating delays and frustration. Not to mention the added expense of replacing damaged lights.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are three types of Christmas light organizers that can help keep your holidays bright and happily twinkling:

  • The Install and Store Christmas Light Storage system is a zippered polyester case containing three spools that provide tangle-free storage for up to three strands of 100-foot lights. The system also makes the light installation and removal processes easier thanks to the included Versa-Clamp that attaches to your ladder or gutter to hold the spools while you decorate.
  • The Christmas Light Storage Bag is a cylindrical case made of heavy-duty polyester, containing six plastic spools for winding up strands of lights. The bag has a zippered lid, a clear vinyl window and two handles for easy carrying.
  • The Christmas Light Storage Box is a polypropylene container that includes four removable plastic spools which fit neatly into Christmas Light Storage Box Imageslots in the sides of the box, designed to keep them suspended safely upright.  In addition to storing string lights, the box can accommodate garlands and extension cords.  The wing-hinge lid provides easy access to the contents, and the stackable design means you can store multiple boxes together.



Holiday Wreath Storage Solutions


A festive wreath on the front door is one of the simplest ways to decorate for the holidays. But when the season’s over, storing that wreath isn’t quite so simple.  Easy to crush, bulky, awkwardly shaped…it can be a challenge to keep a wreath safely tucked away without it taking up a lot of space.

Luckily there are now several types of wreath keepers designed to address those issues. So you won’t have to spend a lot of time “re-fluffing” your wreath next Christmas, here are three space-efficient holiday wreath storage solutions:

  • The Wreath Storage Bag with Direct Suspend Handle offers crush-proof storage in a space-saving design. It featuresWreath Storage Bag with Direct Suspend Handle Image a “direct suspend” handle with an interior clip that connects the outer handle of the bag with the frame of your wreath, so when you hang the bag, the wreath floats inside. This preserves the wreath’s shape by keeping it from being compressed against the bottom of the bag.  The zippered case is large enough to accommodate up to 36-inch-diameter wreaths, and has a padded carrying handle for easy transport.
  • For even larger wreaths, the Christmas Wreath Storage Bag is available in three sizes: 36, 48 and 60 inches.  It comes nestled inside a round zippered bag with a handle, which attaches inside the wreath keeper itself to provide extra storage space for Christmas lights and other decorations.
  • For smaller wreaths (24 or 30 inches in diameter), the Wreath Storage Container is a good choice.  Designed to stand upright, it’s made of heavy-duty plastic; one side is completely transparent so you can see your stored wreath. Six latches around the sides keep the container securely closed, and a large handle at the top makes it easy to carry.

More holiday wreath storage solutions are also available.


Gift Bag Organizers


Gift bags are real timesavers, especially around the holidays when you’ve got multiple gifts to prepare.  It’s so much quicker to pop gifts into festive bags than to laboriously wrap them.

But since gift bags come in a seemingly infinite range of sizes, shapes, patterns and materials, getting overwhelmed with gift bag clutter is a potential hazard. Luckily there are now gift bag organizers designed to keep your bag inventory neat, undamaged and easy to access. Here are three well-designed examples:

  • The Gift Bag Organizer has a main compartment with three divided sections–helpful for arranging your bags by size–plus separate compartments for storing tissue paper and scissors, ribbons or cards. The tissue paper storage section features tiered hanging rods to keep sheets of tissue safe and wrinkle-free. With an inner frame for support, this organizer is relatively compact (18.5 inches wide by 22 inches high by 8 inches deep) yet can accommodate bags up to 11 by 19 inches. An attached zippered lid and side handles make it seem like an elegant mini suitcase for your gift bags.
  • A similar option is the Snowflake Gift Bag Organizer–it has the same dimensions as above, but features a hanging accessory pouch for holding small supplies. It also includes a removable lid.
  • For the true gift-bag collector, the dual-sided Hanging Gift Bag Organizer is hard to beat–it has enough pockets to hold up to Hanging Gift Bag Organizer Image150 small gift bags (or about 100 of varying sizes).  The pockets are clear, making it easy to view contents at a glance, and are sized to accommodate most sizes of gift bags. The space-saving design can hang on a closet rod, with a swivel hook that rotates 360 degrees so you can quickly access all the pockets on both sides.



Ornament Organizers


Merry Christmas!  It always seems like the holidays are far off until suddenly they’re upon us. Then, before you know it, the time comes to take down all the holiday decorations and pack them away.

Packing and storing Christmas tree ornaments can be one of the most time-consuming parts of that process. To prevent decoration damage and disorder, ornament storage boxes are a necessity–they offer separate compartments for fragile bulbs and other pieces so you don’t need to wrap them individually. Here are three outstanding ornament organizers that will save you tons of packing and unpacking time so you can enjoy the holidays more:

  • The Christmas Ornament Storage Chest keeps up to 54 ornaments Christmas Ornament Storage Chest Imagesafe and organized in three removable drawers with dividers. Each drawer holds up to 18 ornaments (3-3/4 inches in diameter maximum) in individual compartments and includes a contents label on the front. The chest has reinforced carrying handles and is designed to fold flat for easy storage while your ornaments are on display.
  • If you prefer a stackable see-through container, the Christmas Ornament Storage box is a good choice. Capable of safely storing up to 75 round ornaments in individual sections, it has three layers of corrugated dividers that can be manipulated or removed to accommodate larger or irregularly shaped ornaments. The hinged interlocking lid and built-in handles make it easy to stack and transport.
  • The Christmas Ornament Keeper is a mobile storage solution that’s ideal for a large collection of even the most delicate ornaments.  Four removable traysChristmas Ornament Storage Container Image have 80  adjustable compartments lined with ultra-soft fabric and padding that covers lightweight metal rods which can be adjusted to customize the fit for ornaments of different  sizes.  The wheeled frame has a telescoping handle that holds the trays at different heights to make the contents accessible, and collapses for storage; when the handle is extended you can easily access ornaments without removing the storage trays.  A protective zip-off cover keeps everything dust-free and safe from moisture.

Tabletop organizers for dinnerware and cutlery


Daily meals and holiday gatherings have at least one thing in common, in addition to food: they all require some type of dinnerware and cutlery, whether “real” or disposable.

Having a portable tabletop organizer for dinnerware and cutlery can make serving meals more manageable. Here are three types of thoughtfully designed tabletop organizers to consider:

  • The Buffet Caddy makes it simple to transport eating utensils, plates and napkins together and keep them organized on the table. The clever design includes three cutlery compartments plus two individual sections sized for holding plates and napkins, along with handles for easy carrying. The raised feet keep the caddy’s contents safe from tabletop spills.
  • The 3-tier construction of the Ultimate Buffet Organizer provides storage for dinner plates, salad or dessert plates, and napkins.  It also features four utensil holders that hang off the sides, and it nests for storage.
  • The Teak Utensil Rack consists of four removable cutlery bins that sit atop a caddy sized to hold napkins in the bottom.Utensil Rack - Teak Image  The entire unit is a compact 8-7/8″ wide x 8-1/2″ high x 9-5/8″ deep, and includes a convenient carrying handle.

Christmas Decoration Organizers, Part 2


Twinkling holiday lights are a pleasure to see but can be a pain to hang, remove and store. This is especially true when snarled light strings and broken bulbs cause decorating delays and frustration.  The Easy Install Christmas Light Storage system helps solve these holiday headaches with three spools that provide tangle-free storage for up to three strands of 100-foot lights. The system also makes the light installation and removal processes easier thanks to thInstall and Store Christmas Light Storage Imagee included Versa-Clamp that attaches to your ladder or gutter to hold the spools while you decorate.  A similar holiday lights storage product is made by Honey-Can-Do.Multi-Use Rolling Storage Bag Image

Reusable Christmas trees and wreaths offer a different type of storage challenge.  Fortunately there is now a wide variety of wreath storage and  Christmas tree storage solutions to choose from. The Expandable Rolling Christmas Tree Storage Bag and multi-use Rolling Storage Bag, both by TreeKeeper, are among the most versatile and efficient options.