Answer: Organizer for vitamins


Q. My husband takes about 20 different vitamins and supplements and the bottles are always cluttering up our kitchen counter.  He also sometimes has difficulty opening and closing the bottles. So I’ve been trying to find an organizer-dispenser that can accommodate up to 20 separate batches of large tablets and capsules. But all the ones I’ve seen are either made for small pills or they don’t have enough compartments.  Do you have any suggestions?

A. I think the 20-drawer Small Parts Storage Cabinet could work well as a space-saving dispenser and organizer for vitamins.  Each clear drawer can be pulled out completely for easy access when filling, and you can put adhesive labels on the drawer handles for identification.  (If you use Erasable Labels, you’ll be able to make changes easily when needed.) Small Parts Storage Cabinet Image

The only drawback is that this is not a totally air-tight container; therefore you might want to store it inside a cupboard, on the most accessible shelf.

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