See-Though Room Divider?


White Framed 3-Panel Folding ScreenThis week’s featured room divider is, well, see-through.  I know what you’re thinking… What’s the point? But, in fact, not all people buy a room divider with the sole purpose of adding privacy to their spaces.  In other words, not everyone uses a shoji screen just for getting dressed behind!  This White Framed 3-Panel Folding Screen is elegant, an effortless cross between old and new.  And, it happens to be a little bit see-through.  So what is a room screen like this good for if not to add privacy to your space?  It is a wonderful tool for many design jobs around the home, here are just a few:

1.   Lightens up a space – with its beautiful white finish and subtly white fabric inlays, this room divider adds light itself in two ways.  First with its white, bright color. And second, by actually letting light shine through!

2.  Defining a space – Say you have a studio apartment and need something to go in between your bed and your dining table.   This room screen is perfect, as it does not intrude too much on the space, lets light through, yet still defines a separate dining area from the rest of the tiny home.

3.  Folds for storage – like all good room dividers, this one folds neatly for storage.  A must-have for small spaces, but also welcome in larger home when you want to switch up the look of a room from time to time.  Simply bring this white room divider out for a fresh look in the spring and summer months, and then put it in the back of the closet when fall rolls around again!

How would you place a see through room divider in your home?


Room Dividers: Thinking Outside the Box


reg-1268963414-152247A room divider doesn’t have to be your typical three panel tall wooden framed folding thing with rice paper square panels!  Think outside of the box to find other items (furniture) that can be used to divide up a space or add a little privacy in any room.  One way I achieve this with great success and appreciation when decorating is with a floor mirror.  Floor mirrors serve many purposes in the home, and can be used in virtually any room.  If you can find one, a storage mirror is an added bonus – like the Aris Classic Mirror with Shelves.  Three shelves behind the mirror can hold anything you want from books to CDs, shoes, purses and more!

Here are some reasons to try a floor mirror as a room divider:

1.  Vanity – (sort of) – Obviously the main function of a mirror is to give you a place to look at yourself.  That is, you can check out your outfit, makeup and hair before heading out the door in the morning or evening hours.

2.  Design Accent – Mirrors make wonderful decorative pieces in the home, whether you mount them to a wall or keep them on the floor.  Use them in the bedroom for dressing purposes, or even in the living room to give a classic touch to your decor.  In the entryway is another popular spot.

3.  Light! – Mirrors bounce light around any space, making it seem brighter (obviously) and also more spacious.  Play with mirrors especially in small spaces like dining rooms and offices to add some cheer to a dull space.

4. Storage – As mentioned above, if you can find a storage style floor mirror, you have just added organization to the room as well.  Rotating or hidden shelves and even coat hook models are available!

What other items have you used from around the home to achieve room division?  Be sure to send us your ideas!



Create a Guest “Room” with a Room Divider


reg-106607If you’re like me, you’ve got guests coming and going all throughout the holidays!  And if you are like me, you also have a pretty small house.  All of the bedrooms are taken by my family of five, so for some of our guests, the living room becomes the makeshift guest room.  If this is the case in your home, a room divider can be used simply to give your guests a little bit of privacy while they are asleep out in common areas of the home.  Here are some tips to set up your guest “room” with a room divider.

1.  Choose a lightweight one if your guests are sleeping on the floor.  You don’t want a heavy room divider to fall on them in their sleep!

2.  Choose one with a heavier material or darker fabric.  This will help to block out as much light as possible,  allowing your guests to sleep in a little bit as they would do at home.

3.  Choose one with storage.  A room divider with pockets gives them a place to stash their wallet, keys, electronics and more.

4.  Make one!  If you don’t have one, hang a sheet or blanket to give the space some closed off privacy.

5.  Best of all, you can fold it up and put it away, along with their temporary bed, during the day.  So your home remains cozy and tidy for holiday celebrating!

6.  And when the guests go home for the season, you can either use it as beautiful decor in your home or you can fold and stash it in a closet until next November!

What do you do extra special to keep your guests comfortable during their holiday stays with you?

Shown:  Toronto Folding Screen


Holiday Fun with Room Dividers


With just two weeks to go until Christmas, you may be thinking, what can I do with my room divider to make it more “Christmassy”?  Even if you’re not, you likely have a room divider in your living room or bedroom so why not take the opportunity to decorate it with some Holiday Cheer!  Here are some ideas to get you started:

1.  Paint it!  If your room divider frame is pine wood with no finish, why not paint it a luscious red?  This adds a Christmas feel to your home during the holidays, and the rest of the year serves as a modern touch.  Just be sure to carefully tape off and don’t bother painting the inner frame, you are likely to damage the rice paper screen insert and leaving it unfinished gives a fun, 3-D look.

2.  Hang Garlands from it – A beautiful faux or natural greenery garland strung from the top of a room divider is a lovely way to enhance the holiday decor in your home on a budget.  For a more modern look, try hanging beads, normally reserved for the tree, draped along the top of the room screen.

3.  Lights!  Lights!  Lights!  Christmas lights look beautiful draped along the top, framing the entire room divider, or even lighting from behind.  Be sure to keep lights away from flammable papers for a safe and festive look.

4.  Christmas Card Display – Use your room screen as a folding backdrop for all of your beautiful incoming Christmas Cards!  Use small tacks at the top of the frame and invisible string or fishing line to hang cards at varying heights throughout the face of the screen.

This look is great to spread throughout the home, whether you keep your room divider out in the open for friends and family to see or as a personal touch in the master bedroom.


Folding Screens of Fall


Autumn Journey ScreenEveryone, please don’t rush into Christmas season and cold bleak winter just yet!  It’s not too late to enjoy fall in your life, and fall decor in your home.   In the summer, we seem to just head outdoors.  We eat outdoors, play outdoors, travel outdoors.  But in the fall it starts to get chilly, making it the coziest of all cozy seasons, and there are endless ways to welcome it inside your home since you are going to be spending less time outside of it in the months to come.  Room dividers can help just as any other piece of home decor can, while still providing the benefits we always talk about here, including privacy and space division.  If you are looking to add fall to your home decor screen, the Autumn Journey Screen is a great place to start.  With crisp images, it makes you feel as though you are taking a drive or a walk through a foliage filled forest.  Each side of this room divider is different so you can change it up to match your mood.  And best of all, it folds flat for storage and boasts a great price point so as the seasons change throughout the year, so can your room screen!  If you are looking for something a little more subtle, try to incorporate fall colors (browns, rusty reds and oranges) into your home, or even a more subtle piece of art with modern leaves and vines.  Another great choice is to simply use materials that come straight out of nature, as I featured in last month’s post on fall inspired room dividers.  Whatever you do, enjoy this season and watch the leaves and trees change.  It is nature’s built in calm against the storm that are all the holiday parties, presents, lights bells and whistles.


Mirrors as Room Dividers


Aris Classic Mirror with ShelvesIf you have a space in your home that needs just a little bit in the way of dividing, why not try a floor mirror instead of a traditionally large room divider?  A floor mirror is a designer’s secret weapon for many reasons, serving many purposes around the home (not just in the bedroom).

Here are some great tips for choosing and using a Floor Mirror to define a space:

  • Bedroom – Obviously a floor mirror helps you get ready in the morning, but it can also be used simply as a tool to help define a space.  In the corner of the room, you can create a small dressing area for yourself with the help of a floor mirror.  Just be sure to choose by scale, you don’t want to overwhelm the space with something too large.
  • Small Spaces – if you are working in a small space, a metal frame has less visual (and actual) bulk than a wooden framed floor mirror which will impose less on the space while still providing the same benefits.
  • Light – Mirrors of all types, whether they are placed on a wall or on the floor, add light to the room and in turn can make the space seem larger, a trick that designers have known about for a long time but that you can easily incorporate into your own home design.
  • Large Spaces – If you are lucky enough to have a large space, such as the living room, why not choose a mirror with storage built in, like the Aris Classic Mirror with Shelves which has hidden shelving on its back – a nice place to keep extra books, CDs or shoes.
  • Entryway – A large entryway is a great place to incorporate a floor mirror, both for functional and design purposes!

When designing your space, never be afraid to think outside of the box and look for different products to help you achieve a look that makes you happy in any room of the home.


Room Dividers for the In-Garage Home Gym


Vector Folding ScreenWe talk a lot about how room dividers can define a space.  And one of the most unique ways I’ve seen them serve this purpose is in the garage.  Yep!  The garage.  Many of us do not have room in the house for all of our home gym equipment, and so it is relegated to the garage.

This has its benefits as well, for example it gives you a somewhat quiet space to work out and you don’t have to look at big cardio machines and free weights while you are inside the house.  But let’s face it, the garage can be, well, somewhat less appealing, aesthetically speaking.  A great way to carve out a true home gym space in your garage is with a room divider.  Here’s how to do it, and some other tips for creating a fun, inspiring vibe in your home gym.

  1. Choose a room divider that will withstand the cold and moisture fluctuations.  Ideally it should be an outdoor rated room divider, but if your garage is insulated and sealed from winter precipitation, you could probably get away with a wooden or fabric model (do not use rice paper screens in the garage, they will attract all moisture).  My first pick would be the Vector Folding Screen, which has a polyester fabric cover that slips over the top  and an ultra modern design.  The clean look of this room divider makes it a great choice for the contemporary gym environment.
  2. Dress up the space with inspirational posters, maybe a meditation corner or focal point, and lots of padding for getting down on that concrete floor.
  3. Finish the look with lighting and an area rug.  For the lamp, find one with adjustable heads (ideally two or three), so that you can point light around where you need it.  And the area rug should, again, be rated for outdoor use, or at least made of a durable yet natural material to stand up to some of the moisture.

Fall Inspired Room Dividers


Natural Willow 3 Panel Floor ScreenFall is a great time to add a special piece to your home decor.  And I can’t think of anything more special than a room divider – it is really the icing on the cake once you have worked hard to decorate a room.  There are many ways to get an autumn look out of your room divider, here are some of my favorite ways:

1.  Natural materials – Fall makes me think of long walks outside with leaves falling all around.  Basically fall makes me think of trees.  If you can find a room divider made of natural materials, like this Natural Willow 3 Panel Floor Screen which is a truly beautiful tribute to autumn, that is a great way to go!

2.  If the idea of twigs in your living room is just too much for you, how about simply incorporating fall colors into your decorating with a folding screen in autumn hues:  think rusty reds, golden yellows, subtle oranges and any soft shade of brown.

3.  Leaves – Look for a room divider with leaves painted, printed, sewn on to it.  Or make your own by adding leaves to strings and hanging a simple garland to your already beautiful room screen.

4.  Photographic print room dividers are another great choice when you are looking for a more obvious decorating theme such as a season.  Look for stretched canvas prints of fall leaves, forests, small woodsy animals or anything else that screams fall to you!

Most of all, enjoy this beautiful time of year when we watch one beloved season change itself into the next!


Other Ways to Divide a Room


Modern Eco Friendly Madison Bookcase and Room DividerMany times we want to divide a room into separate areas, but don’t necessarily have the space for a bulky, tall room divider.  Thankfully, there are many different ways to divide up a room without using a folding screen.

Here are some easy home decor tips for dividing up a space without the use of a traditional room divider.

  • Rearrange the furniture – Sometimes all it takes is a little thinking outside of the box in terms of where you place the furniture you already have.  For example, if you have a family entertainment area or conversation space with sofas, arrange the seating facing each other.  A sofa table placed behind the sofa helps to define the space.  Area rugs also offer an alternative but clearly define an area of a large open-concept room.
  • Plants – Tall indoor trees, plants, even bamboo can be placed in between active areas of your open space to divide it up into smaller areas.
  • Lighting – a more subtle method of dividing a room, different lighting zones offer some of the benefits of a room divider without the bulk.
  • Bookcases – A medium height bookcase offers separation and storage to boot!  Look for one, like the Modern Eco Friendly Madison Bookcase and Room Divider with either an open design with no back, or at least make sure the back is finished for placement in the center of the room.



Room Dividers bring Peace to the Dorm Room


6 ft. Tall Pockets Shoji Screen 3-Panel Room DividerHeading off to college for the first time, or back to college after a summer spent at home in your very own room, can be a real shocker in terms in privacy!  All of a sudden there is someone there, in your room with you, for most of your waking (and sleeping) hours.  Room dividers are a great way to add a little privacy to your college experience.  They may not keep out the noise of click clacking on the keyboard or long nights of snoring (by the way a fan works wonders to block out that particular problem), but they offer a sense of privacy when there is otherwise none to be found.

Here are some great reasons to invest in a room divider if you are going into your first (or second or third) year of college.  (Note:  Check with your dorm’s rules on furnishings first to ensure you can use it when you get there.)

  • Privacy – I’ve already covered this above, but a room screen allows you to get dressed in peace, sleep in peace, and most importantly, study in peace.
  • Fun Style – There are so many different room dividers these days in every imaginable style, have fun with it – from modern metal for the guys to fun colors for the girls, there is something for everyone and every age.
  • Longevity – A room screen purchased now can be used for many years in a variety of different shared living settings, and even once you are off onto your own place someday.
  • Space Efficiency – Look for a folding room screen (which most do), this allows it to be stored in the closet or behind a door, and makes it a cinch to move (which you will be doing frequently over the years.)  A special word of caution here, though, rice paper screens are beautiful but require extra care and packaging when moving, as the paper can tear and is subject to water damage.
  • And, finally, storage!  Yep, there are room dividers out there, like the 6 ft. Tall Pockets Shoji Screen 3-Panel Room Divider  shown here that have built in storage for all of your personal items!