Back-to-school organizers


Ask Back to SchoolI wish Organization Skills 101 was part of the standard school curriculum. Learning how to organize school papers, books, schedules and supplies has a lifelong positive impact.

Luckily there are several types of back-to-school organizers that can help your kids stay organized throughout the school year.  Here are three good choices:

  • For homework–the Homework Organizer is designed to hang on a door (it’s 28 inches wide by 36 inches high, to fit a standard door frame) or wall with two removable adhesive hooks. It featuresHomework Organizer Image four legal-size pockets with insertable labels for organizing papers and schoolbooks; two clear pockets for small supplies such as pens, pencils, glue sticks,etc.; a dry-erase calendar so you and your child can note after-school activities and assignment due dates; a small pocket for housing the included dry ease marker; a large clear pocket for displaying a lunch menu or sports schedule; and two Velcro straps at the bottom for poster board project storage. It’s available in three color combinations.
  • For backpacks–the Smead Backpack Organizer has three tabbed pockets (each designed to hold up to 50 pages) for keeping papers organized, and a tuck flap to secure documents when you’re on the move. The backpack-friendly vertical orientation makes it easy to access papers. There’s also a seven-pocket version. And to keep backpacks off the floor, there’s the Backpack Rack that
    attaches to doors with a stretch strap; it includes eight hooks that are fully adjustable up or down.
  • For lockers–the Adjustable Double Locker Shelf features two shelves that can be installed at various heights and a pull-out drawer for school supplies and personal items.  It fits in locker spaces measuring 9 inches to 12 inches wide and stands approximately 24 inches high, so it’s best used in taller locker spaces.

More types of locker organizers can be found here and in my post about locker organizers.