Stackable Storage Solutions


stackable storage solutions

When is a pile not a pile?  When it’s a stack.

A stack is a tidier, more organized version of a pile. Stackable storage systems are designed to help you transform piles into stacks.

Stackable storage utilizes vertical space–but not all stackables are created equal. In general, stacking containers that can only be accessed from the top–such as stacking crates and lidded containers or boxes–are mainly useful for storing items you don’t use often (e.g., old tax records and holiday decorations).

The most versatile stackable storage solutions allow you to quickly access stored contents without having to un-stack.  Here are three types of these super stackable storage solutions–all are available in a variety of sizes, styles and materials:

  • Stacking bins. Open-front stacking bins let you easily grab whatever you need. Medium-size bins (such as Stackable Storage Bins, pictured) work well in the kitchen for storing produce and pantry items. Larger stacking bins are especially helpful in kids’ rooms for toys, games and crafts supplies, and in the garage for recycling. Smaller stacking bins are useful for various kinds of toiletries and bathroom supplies.
  • Stacking drawers. Clear stacking drawers make it easy to see and access their contents. You can use them to store everything from shoes to sweaters to accessories and lingerie. They’re ideal for keeping closet shelves tidy and organized–and for making the most of “closet caves,” those high spaces that often go to waste.
  • Stacking trays. Side-loading (pictured) and front-loading stack trays are ideal for organizing both paperwork and paper supplies. The Mesh Stackable Paper Tray can hold a full ream of letter-size paper with room to spare.

Other types of stackable trays are specifically designed for jewelry storage and organizing cosmetics, but those are the kind you have to un-stack for complete access to the contents.