Cleaning supplies storage


How can you make housecleaning chores easier?  The obvious answer is “Hire a housecleaner!”  But a more budget-friendly option involves keeping your cleaning supplies organized and handy.

Cleaning supplies can create clutter unless you have an effective storage system for them. The challenge is to keep your supplies to a minimum (try to avoid accumulating more products than you actually use) and easily accessible.

Here are three effective types of cleaning supplies storage solutions:

  • Portable.  A cleaning caddy is the simplest, most efficient and most economical way to store a small number of cleaning supplies.  Its portability makes it especially effective for quick Casabella Cleaning Supply Caddy Imageclean-ups.  The Casabella Cleaning Supply Caddy is a good example–it nests directly inside the Casabella Cleaning Supply Bucket, providing a streamlined system for keeping your supplies handy as you clean room by room. Featuring a comfortable, well-balanced handle, this caddy has a 2-gallon capacity with sufficient space for holding full-size bottles of cleaners.
  • Under-sink.  If you need something more comprehensive for your cleaning supplies storage, the Chrome Pull Out Cabinet Organizer is a well-designed solution.   It makes the most of your under-sink storage space while also providing an efficient carry-all.  Smooth-gliding extension slides allow this organizer to pull out of the cabinet for easy access to contents, and the basket section is removable so you can carry it with you from room to room. An adjustable carrying handle can slide to the side to accommodate under-sink plumbing.   The basket has a leak-proof tray to keep spills contained; a removable tray above the basket gives you room to store a roll of paper towels or other cleaning accessories.
  • Wall-mounted. For storage of long-handled cleaning supplies (including Swiffers and telescoping dusters), wall-mounted broom and mop holders are the most space-saving option.  I like the Clincher Mop and Broom Holder–it The Clincher Mop and Broom Holder Imagefeatures six spring-activated rubber cams designed to securely hold any type of broom or mop handle; five hooks to provide storage for dusters, cleaning cloths and other small items; a 4-inch-deep shelf for storing cleaning chemicals and spray bottles; and color-coded labels to help you organize your supplies.  The thoughtful design also keeps hanging supplies stored 4 inches away from the wall so you don’t have to worry about damage from wet mop-heads or damp rags.