Cosmetic clutter solutions


Cosmetic clutter isn’t pretty. All those little pots, tubes, palettes, applicators and other makeup necessities have a way of creeping like kudzu over every available bathroom counter and vanity surface.  How can beauty supplies be so unbeautiful?!

Quantity is often a contributing factor. Obviously it’s important to periodically weed out any cosmetics you don’t use on a regular basis.  But even if you’re good about weeding, you may still have enough makeup to create cosmetic clutter.  That’s why choosing the most effective counter-top and vanity organizers is crucial.

Here are three cosmetic organizers designed to maximize your make-up counter space:

  • The Acrylic Organizer with Drawers is a sleek space-saver offering five levels of storage in a one-square-foot unit. Acrylic Organizer with Drawers Image  Four clear drawers are topped by a clear compartment with a hinged lid that can be left open to accommodate taller products.
  • The Make-Up Carousel is a two-level Lazy Susan-style organizer that features six mesh storage bins in only a nine-inch-diameter footprint.  The rotating design provides easy access to all your cosmetic supplies.
  • A more portable option, the Bathroom Vanity Tray, has adjustable compartments.  Ten removable panels Bathroom Vanity Tray Imageallow you to create up to 25 custom storage pods, and the convenient carrying handles make the tray easy to transport.