Create a Guest “Room” with a Room Divider


reg-106607If you’re like me, you’ve got guests coming and going all throughout the holidays!  And if you are like me, you also have a pretty small house.  All of the bedrooms are taken by my family of five, so for some of our guests, the living room becomes the makeshift guest room.  If this is the case in your home, a room divider can be used simply to give your guests a little bit of privacy while they are asleep out in common areas of the home.  Here are some tips to set up your guest “room” with a room divider.

1.  Choose a lightweight one if your guests are sleeping on the floor.  You don’t want a heavy room divider to fall on them in their sleep!

2.  Choose one with a heavier material or darker fabric.  This will help to block out as much light as possible,  allowing your guests to sleep in a little bit as they would do at home.

3.  Choose one with storage.  A room divider with pockets gives them a place to stash their wallet, keys, electronics and more.

4.  Make one!  If you don’t have one, hang a sheet or blanket to give the space some closed off privacy.

5.  Best of all, you can fold it up and put it away, along with their temporary bed, during the day.  So your home remains cozy and tidy for holiday celebrating!

6.  And when the guests go home for the season, you can either use it as beautiful decor in your home or you can fold and stash it in a closet until next November!

What do you do extra special to keep your guests comfortable during their holiday stays with you?

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