Christmas tree ornament storage boxes


To prevent decoration damage and disorder, Christmas ornament storage boxes are a must.  These special containers offer separate compartments for fragile bulbs and other pieces so you don’t need to wrap them individually.  The ornament-sized compartments will save you hours of packing and unpacking time, so you can enjoy the holidays more.

Here are three examples of well-designed ornament storage boxes:

  • The Christmas Ornament Storage box is a stackable,Christmas Ornament Storage Image see-through container capable of safely storing up to 75 round ornaments in individual sections. It includes three layers of corrugated dividers that can be manipulated or removed to accommodate larger or irregularly shaped ornaments. The hinged interlocking lid and built-in handles make it easy to stack and transport.
  • Another stackable option is the Vision Holiday Ornament Storage Box, with 36 compartments and a removable top tray.  The box has a clear vinyl window and handles, and folds flat for storage during the holiday season.
  • The Christmas Ornament Keeper features three storage drawers with divided sections designed to hold ornamentsChristmas Ornament Keeper Image measuring up to 3 inches in diameter. Each removable drawer offers 24 compartments for a total of 72 storage sections. All three drawers are housed inside the storage box, which has a front flap that folds down so you can easily access the drawers. The lid is removable for top access, and a clear vinyl holder in the front allows you to label the stored contents.



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