Pantry Shelf Organizers


All pantries have one structural element in common: shelves.  And whether your pantry is a spacious walk-in or a single cupboard, there always seems to be a desire for more shelf space.  But adding more shelves is rarely a feasible option.

Luckily it’s easy to make the most of your existing shelf space with the help of pantry shelf organizers.  Here are three types of these super space maximizers:

  • Tiered organizers.  Otherwise known as stair-step risers, these three-level pantry shelf organizers are designed to keep items in the back of a cabinet visible and accessible.  One good example is the Expand-A-Shelf which features an expandable design that can fit within areas measuring anywhere from 14 inches to 27 inches wide.  It’s also available in a larger version, the Mega-Expand-A-Shelf.
  • Slide-outs. Also known as pull-outs or roll-outs, most slide-outs require installation. Two that don’t are the copper Pull Out Pantry Organizer and the plastic Pull Out Cabinet Baskets.
  • Can racks.  Made for storing canned foods and beverages, Canned Food Storage Rack Imagecan racks perform double duty as both storage solutions and dispensers. Can rack shelves are angled so the next can in line gently rolls forward once you remove a can in the front.  The three-shelf Canned Food Storage Rack even has adjustable dividers that keep rows separated so you can easily sort cans by size or type. (For more canned food storage suggestions, read my Can Storage post.)



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