Holiday Fun with Room Dividers


With just two weeks to go until Christmas, you may be thinking, what can I do with my room divider to make it more “Christmassy”?  Even if you’re not, you likely have a room divider in your living room or bedroom so why not take the opportunity to decorate it with some Holiday Cheer!  Here are some ideas to get you started:

1.  Paint it!  If your room divider frame is pine wood with no finish, why not paint it a luscious red?  This adds a Christmas feel to your home during the holidays, and the rest of the year serves as a modern touch.  Just be sure to carefully tape off and don’t bother painting the inner frame, you are likely to damage the rice paper screen insert and leaving it unfinished gives a fun, 3-D look.

2.  Hang Garlands from it – A beautiful faux or natural greenery garland strung from the top of a room divider is a lovely way to enhance the holiday decor in your home on a budget.  For a more modern look, try hanging beads, normally reserved for the tree, draped along the top of the room screen.

3.  Lights!  Lights!  Lights!  Christmas lights look beautiful draped along the top, framing the entire room divider, or even lighting from behind.  Be sure to keep lights away from flammable papers for a safe and festive look.

4.  Christmas Card Display – Use your room screen as a folding backdrop for all of your beautiful incoming Christmas Cards!  Use small tacks at the top of the frame and invisible string or fishing line to hang cards at varying heights throughout the face of the screen.

This look is great to spread throughout the home, whether you keep your room divider out in the open for friends and family to see or as a personal touch in the master bedroom.