Lazy Susan turntable organizers


lazy susan organizersLazy Susan turntable organizers aren’t just for kitchens and dining tables.  They’re also useful on desks, inside bathroom cabinets, and in craft rooms or workshops. The rotating design lets you easily access a variety of items from all sides.

A classic Lazy Susan consists of a single circular surface that spins on a base.  But there are several variations that make them more effective as organizing tools.  Here are three different types of Lazy Susan organizers that are worth a whirl:

  • Turntables with compartments.  The spinning Paper Napkin Holder has three sections: a large middle slot designed to store paper napkins (but also useful for holding notepads), and a small tray on either side for keeping small supplies handy. The Silver Mesh Spinning Organizer has four compartments for simple storage of frequently used items such as condiments on a tabletop, spices and toothpicks in a cabinet, or office supplies.
  • Two-level turntables. The 11-inch Two-Level Clear Lazy Susan Turntable can instantly help organize a cluttered kitchen cabinet, or be used on a table or countertop.  The two-level design consists of a raised level in the center measuring six inches in diameter, and a bottom level with an 11-inch diameter.
  • Double-shelf turntables. The Two-Tier Stainless Steel Lazy Susan Turntable features a pair of shelves to maximize vertical space. It offers approximately 5-1/4 inches of space between the bottom and top shelf.  Two-tier Lazy Susans also come in several other materials, including bamboo and plastic with non-slip rubber surfaces.