Organizing baby supplies


baby organizersNew parents of infants are faced with an overwhelming variety of baby supplies. From bibs and bottles to diapers and wipes, the list of essentials for babies is mind-boggling.

That’s why it’s important to have organizers designed to help you keep your baby’s stuff in order, both at home and anywhere you take your infant. Here are three different helpful tools for organizing baby supplies:

  • Diaper Bag Organizer Pouches are a set of four color-coded, zippered cotton bags, each clearly labeled to help make taking care of baby easier when you’re out and about.  Designed to let you avoid the frustration of digging through a crowded diaper bag when it’s time for a quick snack, a dose of medicine or change of baby’s clothes, the back of each pouch is nylon mesh to allow for easy recognition of contents and proper ventilation. Large lettering and colorful accents make it simple for parents or babysitters to locate supplies. The bags are sized appropriately and color-coded: blue for Clean Clothing (14 x 11 inches); brown for Dirty Clothing (14 x 11 inches); sage green for Goodies & Snacks (10 x 6 inches); and pink for Extras such as pacifiers, toiletries and medicine  (7 x 7 inches).
  • The Stroller Organizer Bag has Velcro straps that attach to your stroller handles and support a large mesh pouch (you can easily see what’s inside), a smaller pocket with Velcro closure, and two drink holders. The small pocket keeps your phone, keys and other accessories safely stored away yet within easy reach. The large mesh compartment provides ample storage for everything else you need to carry with you.
  • The birch wood laminate Hanging Diaper Storage unit is a wall-mounted organizer with multiple compartments, designed to hold dozens of diapers and other changing supplies. The convenient towel rod allows you to quickly grab a towel when you need it.  Hanging Diaper Storage Image