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pants organizersPants, slacks, trousers…whatever you want to call them, they need to be hung up when not being worn or in the wash.  (Unless, of course, you only wear pants that resemble pajama bottoms.)

Here are three different kinds of pants organizers (aka slacks organizers and trouser organizers) designed to keep these garments looking good and also easy to access:

  • Pull-out pant racks. This type of pants organizer requires installation but takes up minimal closet space.  The Trouser Pull Out Rack holds up to 10 pairs of pants and can be mounted on the left or right side of your closet.  It’s durably constructed of plastic-coated chrome-plated steel. Another option is the Closet Pull-Out Pant Rack, which includes removable epoxy-coated steel wire pant hangers and comes in two sizes–the 24-inch width includes 18 hangers, and the 30-inch width has 24 hangers. It features smooth and quiet full-extension glides, installs into existing melamine closet partitions, and is constructed of anodized aluminum in a variety of decorative finishes.
  • Tiered swing-arm pant hangers. These specialty hangers also save closet space while providing easy access. The Five-Tier Swing-Arm Slack Hanger accommodates four pairs of pants on swing-out rods plus a fifth pair on the bottom tier.  A very similar pants organizer is the Five Tier Swing Arm Slack Rack, which has blue gel friction coating on each of the tiers to keep pants hanging in place.
  • Rolling pant racks.  Pants organizers on casters let you utilize your closet floor for slacks storage (and not in a wrinkled pile, either).. The Rolling Pant Trolley–with 15 removable cedar hangers–tucks away under hanging shirts or blouses and rolls out for easy access. A smaller option is the Compact Rolling Pant Trolley, which has 10 removable cedar hangers.  If you need more of the cedar hangers, they’re available in packs of five.
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