Rolling storage drawers


Rolling storage drawers are one of the easiest ways to create instant accessible storage. These mobile carts–available in a variety of drawer sizes and configurations–are especially useful for organizing everything from clothing, linens, accessories and toys to all types of supplies: office supplies, paper goods, non-perishable food….whatever you want to keep handy yet out of the way.

Here are some of my favorite types of rolling storage drawers:

  • The Wide Three-Drawer Storage Chest rolls anywhere you need it and offers three spacious drawers (19 1/4 inches wide Iris Wide Three-Drawer Storage Chest - White Imagex 6 1/4 inches high x 14 inches deep) constructed of clear, acid-free plastic to allow for quick identification of contents such as art and scrapbook supplies in the craft room; paper and office supplies at work; clothing and linens in a closet; or tools and parts in the garage.  Each drawer can be removed from the frame for easy loading and unloading.  The four casters are also removable.
  • For storing smaller or fewer items, the slim (12.8 inches wide), clear Plastic Storage Chest with 4 Drawers includes two shallow drawers (each 3 inches high) atop two deeper drawers (each 7 inches high).  The entire unit is topped with a divided organizer that provides conveniently accessible storage for frequently used supplies. Four casters offer mobility or can be removed for a stationary storage solution.
  • If you prefer opaque drawers, the sleek Three Drawer Mobile Storage cart features three black polyester drawersMobile Storage - Three Drawer Image with metal grommets and reinforced bottoms; a top shelf cradled by chrome handles; and heavy-duty locking casters.

More rolling storage drawer options can be found here.