Shoe Organizers


Shoe organizers now come in almost as many varieties and styles as shoes do.  There are so many different kinds of shoe racks, shoe cubbies, underbed shoe chests, stackable shoe drawers, hanging shoe shelves, acrylic shoe boxes….the options can almost make your head spin.

To save you time (and space), I’ve narrowed the list down to focus on only the most space-efficient types of shoe organizers:

  • Over-the-door shoe racks are designed to hang on hinged closet or bedroom doors, and feature shelves or compartments sized to hold multiple pairs of shoes. They’re great for keeping shoes off the floor and making footwear easy to see at a glanceOver the Door Shoe Rack - 36 Pair - White Image (and also easy to access). This type of shoe storage system comes in a wide variety of configurations and materials.  For example, the steel and plastic 36-Pair Over the Door Shoe Rack has 12 tiers that are each able to hold up to three pairs of shoes; its two over-the-door hanging hooks make it simple to hang the rack on any door measuring a maximum of 1-1/2 inches thick. If you have fewer than 36 pairs of shoes, there are other racks that hold anywhere from 18 to 30 pairs.
  • Revolving shoe racks are freestanding yet have a small footprint (no puns intended)–they only take up about one square foot of floor space.  Each of the tiers rotate individually and can be adjusted up or down the pole to accommodate different sizes of shoes.
  • Under-bed shoe storage is best for shoes that aren’t used frequently, since they’re not Under Bed Shoe Organizer Imageas easily accessible as shoe racks. But this type of shoe storage lets you utilize your under-bed area while keeping dust bunnies out.  One good choice is the Under Bed Shoe Organizer–it features a dust-defying clear zippered lid, 16 compartments (for storing up to 16 pairs of shoes) and a handle on one end so you can pull it out like a drawer.  A smaller but more deluxe version with cedar inserts is also available.