Sock Storage Solutions


sock storage solutionsWhen it comes to sock storage, opinions are divided.  That is, some people prefer to store their socks with dividers between pairs, while others (probably most people) don’t.

Another way that people are divided about sock storage is whether to store socks balled up and stuffed inside each other (a big no-no according to us organizing experts) or neatly folded and “filed” on end.  Whichever way you choose, I doubt that the sock police will come knocking on your door.

Now that I have your possibly undivided attention, I’m going to share three types of undivided sock storage solutions.  (And in case you’re firmly in the camp of dividers, my post on sock drawer organizers offers several outstanding options.)

  • Sock boxes such as the Bamboo Sock Box and the Clear Dresser Organizer (pictured) are slender containers specifically sizedClear Dresser Organizer - 12 x 3 x 4 Image for multiple pairs of socks.  They work well inside drawers but can also be used on closet shelves. The Closet Bin is a wider version which has removable dividers (so you can go either way).
  • If you want to think outside the drawer and utilize vertical space, various hanging systems can be utilized for storing socks.  For example, the dual-sided 28-pocket Hanging Jewelry Organizer is designed to hang on a closet rod; the clear pockets make it easy to see and access whatever you store in them.  Another type of vertical sock storage solution is the Sockitumi, a clear plastic dispenser that can be hung on a wall or door (you can also use it horizontally inside a drawer).
  • If you’d prefer to have a designated sock drawer but have no dresser drawers Three-Drawer Organizer Imageto spare, don’t despair–storage drawers are available in a variety of sizes and styles. This Three-Drawer Organizer, sized well for a moderate sock wardrobe, can sit atop a dresser, side table or closet shelf.  Larger sock collections may require a more extensive set of drawers, such as the colorful 10-Drawer Storage Cart which gives you an easy way to color-code your sock storage system.