Space-saving kitchen carts


Ever dreamed of having your own private island?  For most of us, a rolling kitchen island is probably the closest we’ll ever come to attaining that dream.  But that’s OK because these handy kitchen carts are so much more useful than swaying palm trees.

The best mobile kitchen islands provide a variety of storage areas (drawers, cabinets and open shelves) along with a comfortable work surface.

Here are three types of kitchen island carts that can help you make the most of your kitchen space:

  •  The versatile Butcher Block Rolling Kitchen & BBQ Workstation is designed to be used anywhere you need both food prep Butcher Block Rolling Kitchen & BBQ Workstation Imageand storage areas. It features a butcher block counter, a chopping station with a refuse portal that leads into a bowl for kitchen waste, a cabinet with a garbage bag holder, and a towel bar, plus two shelves and drawers.
  • The Shuttered Kitchen Island Cart includes two ventilated cabinets, a drawer, an open shelf, a flip-top compartment and a towel rod, all set atop industrial-grade casters.
  • The compact Kitchen Cube Cart can fit in anywhere but the smallest kitchen–its footprint is a mere Kitchen Cube Cart Image17 x 17 inches.  Although lacking closed storage (no drawer or cabinet), it does offer an exceptional amount of open shelf space: six side shelves–three on each side– with retainer rods for securely storing bottles, jars and cans; plus two adjustable central shelves for larger items such as bowls, dishes and pots.

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