Cereal storage solutions


cereal storageCereal is perennially popular, not just for breakfast but also for snacking.  That’s why there are literally hundreds of different cereals (check out this list), with new ones popping up all the time.

But all cereals have two inherent problems: they lose their crunch when not stored properly, and they can be messy to dispense.  Fortunately there are now cereal storage solutions designed to solve both of these maddening issues.  Here are three cereal dispensers that will keep your cereals crunchy and tidy too:

  • The OXO Countertop Cereal Dispenser consists of a clear, BPA-free plastic 5-1/2-quart-capacity canister (it can hold the entire contents of one large cereal box) that sits atop a dispensing mechanism with a spring-loaded lever on each side.  It features one-handed dispensing–you OXO Countertop Cereal Dispenser Imagesimply press either of the levers to release the cereal down the chute, through a trap-door opening and into your waiting bowl.  Silicone seals on the canister lid and inside the dispenser work together to keep stored cereal fresh.  The chute opening won’t crush cereal while dispensing, and the removable bottom tray helps keep counters free of cereal debris.
  • The Double Food Dispensing Canister is a similar counter-top concept, but it features two canisters that each have an easy-to-use front knob for quick dispensing.  It’s available in white, black or red.
  • The Bag-In Cereal Storage Container and Dispenser is an economical option that’s more suited for keeping in a cabinet or on a pantry shelf.   The clear, BPA-free plastic container accommodates standard size cereal bags, and has an innovative bag gripper design with an airtight seal that keeps bagged cereals fresh. A flip-open pour spout on the lid provides neat dispensing. Another product, the Easy Pour Food Storage Container and Dispenser, is very similar but larger; it also has a handle which makes it easier to pour but takes up more shelf space.

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