Pet stuff storage


raised dog bowlsThere are many kinds of domesticated animals–but dogs and cats make up the lion’s share of household pets. That means lots of dog and cat necessities to organize.

The top dog and cat clutter culprits tend to be the supplies and materials that get the most use: food, toys and grooming products. Fortunately there are now a variety of pet organizers to help you keep your canine and feline accessories tidy. Here are three different types of pet stuff storage solutions designed with dogs and cats in mind:

  • The Pet Stuff Tower is a space-saving system for storing dry food, treats, toys, leashes and more in one easy-to-access location. The slender tower (12.8 inches wide by 16.7 inches deep, and 33.9 inches high) contains two storage bins with snap-lock lids to keep freshness in and pests (and pets) out.  Each food bin holds up to 15 pounds of dry pet food; a 1-1/2 cup food scoop is included. The bottom bin has a foot pedal for convenient hands-free access.  There are also side hooks for holding leashes and bags.
  • The Plastic Storage Chest with 4 Drawers is ideal for pet stuff storage–it has room for all kinds of  cat and dog necessities. The two deep drawers are useful for litter box fillers and bulky toys, while the shallower drawers are handy for holding items such as litter pan liners, grooming materials and small toys.  The optional casters make it easy to move around.
  • The Raised Dog Bowl Set is a combination pet food storage container and feeding station. The set consists of two quart-sized bowls atop a secure latched bin that holds up to 46 cups of dog food. The bin section is semi-sheer smoked plastic so you can easily monitor the food levels. Designed for medium-sized dogs, the bowls are elevated to help improve your dog’s posture and digestion. In addition to home use, this set is great for travel since it’s secure and compact.

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Pet food storage solutions


Is pet food storage one of your pet peeves?  Especially for dog and cat owners, keeping the pet pantry both well-stocked and organized can be a challenge.

Here are three highly effective and efficient pet food storage solutions:

  • The Buddeez Bag-In Pet Food Dispenser makes it easy to safely store, transport and dispense large bags of bulk pet food.  Available in two sizes (a 50-qt size for up to 45 lbs of food, and an 80-qt size with a maximum 70-lb capacity), the heavy-duty, air-tight clear plastic container features two rolling casters, comfortable handles and a one-cup scoop that attaches to the lid interior. The unique bag-gripper lid grips the inside of your original pet food bag for neat pouring, and helps keep food fresh while keeping the container clean. Buddeez also makes containers in smaller sizes for bird seed and other types of pet food.
  • For canned pet food, the 5.5 Oz Can Storage Rack stores up to twelve 5.5-ounce cans in a wire frame designed to dispense the cans for easy access.
  • For storage of dog treats on the go, the Dog Training Treat Pouch keeps snacks on hand yet hidden.  It’s constructed of flexible BPA-free silicone material with a plastic belt clip on the back. The pouch has a top opening that allows you to reach in and grab treats as needed; then it automatically closes up so the goodies won’t fall out while you’re working–or romping–with your canine companion.

Organizing Pet Supplies


For most pet owners, the top pet clutter culprits tend to be the supplies and materials that get the most use: food, toys and grooming products.Pet Care Center Image

If you want to keep all your pet-related items together, the Deluxe Pet Organizer is the simplest solution.  It features a lift-top bin that stores up to 40 pounds of dog or cat food
for easy scooping, and includes two large baskets and three shelves for keeping everything else organized and accessible.

Pet Food Container - 65 Quart Image

Another option is to set up separate storage systems for each type of pet product.

For pet foods there are a number of different specially designed pet food storage containers to choose from, such as this 65-quart rolling canister that makes a 50-pound bag of dog food easy to work with.

Plastic Storage Chest with 4 Drawers Image

Pet toys and grooming products can be stored in multi-drawer rolling carts that come in different sizes and configurations; this 4-drawer plastic storage chest is a good example.  The two deep drawers are useful for supplies like litter box fillers and bulky toys, while the shallower drawers are handy for holding items such as litter pan liners, grooming materials and small toys.

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