Junk drawer organizers


Ah, the classic junk drawer.  Filled with items that you just know if you ever discard them, you’ll finally need them.  A jumble of seemingly useless yet occasionally useful odds and ends.

An organized junk drawer may sound like an oxymoron–but think about it.   How handy would it be if you could quickly find whatever you needed, instead of wasting time rummaging around and getting sidetracked by things you forgot you had?

Junk drawer organizers are available in a variety of configurations.  The best ones offer some type of flexibility.  Here are five effective types of junk drawer organizers:

  • Double-decker. The Junk Drawer Organizer consists of two trays: a sliding top tray that’s about half the size of the bottom tray.  Together they comprise 22 individual compartmentsJunk Drawer Organizer Image of various sizes. Decals are included that can be used to designate specific sections for a variety of items such as pens and pencils, notes, scissors, stamps, and screwdrivers.  The trays can also be used side by side for more drawer coverage.
  • Modular. Interlocking Plastic Bins are useful for creating a completely customized drawer organizer. The bins come in various sizes and feature an interlocking lip so they can be easily joined together.
  • Sliding. The Acrylic Expandable Drawer Organizer is a clear tray with multiple compartments, designed to slide on drawer sides to allow quick access to items in the drawer space below.  The tray features square rails to fit on drawer side frames measuring one-half-inch thick, and expands to fit in drawer spaces measuring 11 to 18-1/2 inches wide.  The clear acrylic lets you see what’s in the drawer beneath the tray.
  • Adjustable. The Bamboo Adjustable Drawer Organizer includes three removable dividers that can create anywhere from six to 13 storage compartments.
  • Dividers. The Expandable and Adjustable Kitchen Drawer Dividers kit components includeExpandable and Adjustable Drawer Dividers Kit Image a pair of spring-loaded dividers that fit in drawers measuring 17-1/2 inches to 21 inches long, plus three additional slide-in dividers that provide for greater custom organization.

For more types of drawer organizers that can help you get your junk drawer in order, read my earlier post on makeup drawer organizers.



Kitchen Drawer Organizers


Are your kitchen drawers a disaster?  Any drawer has the potential to become a cluttered mess, but kitchen drawers are especially vulnerable since they’re used so often.

Deep drawers and shallow drawers present different challenges. Outfitting them with the right kitchen drawer organizers can make a wonderful difference.  Here are three of the most effective types of kitchen drawer organizers:

  • For deep drawers, the Umbra Kitchen Drawer Organizers set offers a flexible way to create and maintain order.  This is a simple pegboard system designed to keep food storage containers, cookwareUmbra Kitchen Drawer Organizers (Set of 2) Image and other bulky items in place. Two plastic pegboards are included in each set along with 16 pegs; one end of each board is extendable to fit larger drawer spaces (expanding from 17-3/4 to 21-1/2 inches in length).  The easily repositionable pegs lock into the pegboard to organize items of all shapes and sizes.
  • For shallower drawers dedicated to storing cooking utensils, the Silicone Drawer Organizer Set is ideal–it consists of a green silicone base mat (20 inches by 14 inches) that’s cuttable to fit any size drawer in your kitchen, along with 15 dividers (Divitz) which can be arranged on the base mat to keep utensils secure and prevent sliding. The silicone material is easy to clean and food-grade safe, and it’s also available in a neutral color.
  • For cutlery drawers, the Expand-A-Drawer Cutlery Organizer provides five sections for flatware and two large side compartments for kitchen utensils.Expand-A-Drawer Cutlery Organizer Image Constructed of smooth white plastic, the sides pull out to expand the tray from 9 inches to 16 inches wide. When the expandable sides are pulled out, two new compartments are created.  The adjustable compartments can be up to 3-1/2 inches wide, and the sections run the entire length of the organizer so they’ll fit long spoons and serving utensils.

Sock drawer organizers


What do Valentine’s Day and socks have in common?   For both, pairs are essential.  And sometimes finding a mate for a sock can seem harder than finding a mate.

Whether or not you have a significant other, Valentine’s Day is as good a time as any to organize your sock drawer.  And if you have a messy mate, organizing his or her sock drawer is a special way to show your love.  Here are three types of sock drawer organizers designed to keep socks happily paired up and neatly organized:

  • Flexible drawer dividers.   Diamonds are always a great gift, so consider the Diamond Drawer Organizer –it features up to 32 diamond-shaped compartments sized perfectly for individualDiamond Drawer Divider Image pairs of socks (each section is 4-1/2 by 4-1/2 inches). The smooth plastic interlocking dividers fit most drawers and can be cut for smaller drawers.  Simply stuff a pair of socks into each diamond and you’ve instantly got a perfectly tidy sock drawer that lets you see all the socks at a glance.  A similar option for you or your honey is the Honeycomb Drawer Organizer, a set of eight honeycomb dividers that snap together to form 18 individual cubbies each measuring 3.15 by 3 inches–ideal for socks or hosiery.
  • Drawer inserts. The Sock Drawer Organizer is a fabric-lined drawer tray with nine 4-inch-square compartments for keeping pairs of socks and similar items safely separated and tidy.
  • Clear stackable drawer with dividers.  If you never seem to have enough drawer space for your socks, just add a drawer–the Small Clear Plastic Stacking Clothing Drawer is ideal for housing socks, especially when paired with Small Plastic Drawer Dividers. The dividers slide and lock into place to provide six separate compartments that allow you to easily see everything in the drawer.

Other types of drawer dividers can be found here.


Kitchen & Bathroom Organizing Tips​, Part ​2: Drawers


You can prevent clutter from creeping into drawers by using dividers to slice up the space into easy-access sections. Multi-compartment drawer organizers such as cutlery trays can be useful, but sometimes encourage cluttering by providing too many or too few sections for your needs, and/or compartments with dimensions that aren’t compatible with the shapes and sizes of items you need to store in them.Expandable and Adjustable Drawer Dividers Kit Image

A better choice: the Expandable and Adjustable Drawer Dividers Kit lets you divide your drawers from side to side and/or front to back.

Sized for medium shallow drawers (2.5 inches high), the kit consists of two easy-to-install spring-loaded dividers that fit drawers from 17 1/2  to 21 inches long plus three slide-in dividers for additional customizing.

For smaller but deeper drawers, the 4.25-inch-high Expandable Drawer Dividers fit drawers from 12 to 16 inches long.

You can find more types of adjustable drawer organizers here.

Next week: Tips for organizing cabinets.


Answer: Dream Drawer Spring Loaded Drawer Dividers


Q: I purchased 2 boxes of these on a clearance shelf at Marshall’s and just love them. They are a product of Dial Industries but they will not sell to the public. Where can I purchase more of these?

A. Fortunately, the Dream Drawer Dividers are readily available online & at stores such as Target and Walmart.  A similar expandable drawer divider that’s sized for kitchen drawers is also available.


Answer: Storing craft pen supplies


Q. ​What is the best way to store different kinds of craft pens–I have two 36″ drawers with plastic little baskets full of all kinds of pens, pencils, marker, etc.–so I can see and get to them easily?

AAcrylic Drawer Organizer - 12 x 3 Inch Image.  Instead of little baskets, I’d suggest clear acrylic drawer organizers perhaps combined with adjustable drawer dividers (these come in a wide range of sizes and materials).  Of course, pens can also be stored vertically in various types of desktop organizers, such as the Desk Carousel.

Another option to consider is the Crafter’s Companion 72-slot pen & marker storage system.