Cosmetic Organizers


Cosmetic OrganizersCosmetics create clutter.  Think about it:  Lipsticks, mascaras, eye shadows, eye liners, foundations, concealers, blushers…the list seems almost endless.  Even if you only have one of each type of makeup, it’s easy to have cosmetic clutter.

Luckily there are a number of effective cosmetic organizers designed to help you conquer cosmetic clutter.  Here are three excellent examples:

  • The Extra-Large Three Piece Make Up Organizer features three separate units: an extra-large drawer as the base and a nine-compartment cosmetic tray on top, including a removable lipstick organizer with 12 slots.Extra Large Three Piece Make Up Organizer Image All items can be used together–the tray stacked on the drawer and the lipstick organizer nested inside– or they can be spread out separately to create maximum storage possibilities. When stacked, items are secure since units interlock with grooved edges.  All pieces are made of heavy duty acrylic and the clear surfaces make it extremely easy to always find any item quickly.
  • The Danielle Socialite Acrylic Organizer has seven top compartments and three large drawers in a 15-inch by 10.5-inch footprint.  One of the top compartments is a lipstick organizer designed to hold up to 12 lipsticks. The clear acrylic lets you identify and easily access all your makeup, and the steel frame ensures long-term durability.
  •  Metal mesh Makeup Carousels (available in a variety of colors) are double-decker spinning organizers  that feature six storage bins (three on each level) spinning around a center section on each side of the handle.  The center section is designed for storing long and slender supplies such as makeup brushes and nail files.

More types of cosmetic organizers can be found in my posts on Cosmetic Clutter Solutions and Makeup Drawer Organizers.