Recipe organizers and space-saving cookbook holders


Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful for many things:  loving family, loyal friends, delicious food….and, of course, wonderful recipe organizers and cookbook holders.

Keeping cherished recipes organized and easy to access can be a challenge.  Thankfully, these innovative recipe organizers and space-saving cookbook holders make life easier year-round:

  • The Dual-Motion Recipe Card Holder is more than just an organizer–it makes your recipes easy to look at while cooking.  Designed to tiltDual-Motion Recipe Card Holder Image up and down and also rotate so you can clearly see your recipes from any angle, the swiveling system allows you to keep a recipe facing you wherever you stand in the kitchen.  The unit holds 40 standard 4×6″ recipe cards inside page protectors to keep them safe from spills and splatters, with divider tabs to help you easily organize your recipes.
  • Recipe card binders are a simple way to organize recipes.  You can also turn a regular 3-ring binder into a recipe card organizer by using recipe card sheet protectors.
  • The spring-loaded Under Cabinet Cookbook Holder makes it easy to instantly access a cookbook when and where you need it, then stores it out of the way under a cabinet when you’re done. Under Cabinet Cookbook Holder Image
  • The collapsible Bamboo and Acrylic Cookbook Holder is a countertop cookbook stand that features a clear acrylic screen to keep recipes splatter-free.  The foldaway design lets you store it flat on a shelf or in a drawer when not in use.

Other types of cookbook stands and recipe holders can be found here.