Kitchen under-cabinet storage systems


Under Cabinet Storage SystemsKeeping kitchen counters and cabinets uncluttered can be a challenge. Under-cabinet storage systems provide a space-saving solution, allowing you to utilize the area above your counters. This type of storage also makes frequently used items easily accessible.

Here are three different types of efficient under-cabinet storage systems to help you keep your kitchen organized and clutter-free:

  • Under-cabinet stemware storage is ideal for households where wine is enjoyed on a regular basis. The Under Cabinet Stemware Rack is designed to hold a variety of stemware shapes and sizes, from wine goblets to martini glasses and champagne flutes. Featuring a unique mounting plate that permits easy installation on the bottom of frameless or framed cabinets (using just four screws), it’s available in three different finishes.  Another easy-to-install system is the chrome Under Cabinet Wine and Stemware Rack, which can hold six bottles of wine in addition to six wine glasses.
  • Under-cabinet knife storage lets you keep knives safely hidden away yet handy without sacrificing counter or drawer space. There are two kinds: the drop-down knife drawer that pulls down and angles towards you, with magnetic strips to keep knives in place; and the swing-out knife block with a 360-degree swivel (great for kitchen islands with overhead storage) and magnetized knife slots to hold knives securely. One crucial difference is that a swing-out block is visible whereas a drop-down knife drawer is hidden, designed to rest flush with the bottom of a cupboard.
  • Under-cabinet cookbook holders offer a simple solution to the problem of where to keep the cookbook you need to refer to while you’re trying out a new recipe. The spring-loaded Under Cabinet Cookbook Holder makes it easy to instantly access a cookbook when and where you need it, then stores it out of the way under a cabinet when you’re done.  It’s constructed of clear acrylic for complete invisibility.



Space-saving stemware storage


Storing wine glasses safely yet accessibly can be a challenge.  This is especially true if you want to keep your stemware close to where you store your wine.  Luckily there are several thoughtfully designed stemware storage solutions that include space for wine bottles–all without taking up any countertop space.

Here are three different space-saving wine glass racks that also provide storage for wine:

  • The chrome Under Cabinet Wine and Stemware Rack provides easy access even if you’re petite, since it mounts under a cabinet.  Under Cabinet Wine and Stemware Rack ImageThe easy-to-install unit (just four screws) can hold six bottles of wine plus six wine glasses with bases up to 3.3 inches in diameter.
  • Designed to make the most of wasted overhead  space, the ceiling-mounted Hanging Wine and Stemware Rack (suspended from heavy duty 18-inch-long chains) has slots on the top for storing up to eight standard-sized wine bottles; the bottom slats can hold up to 16 pieces of stemware.
  • The Wall Mount Stemware and Wine Bottle Rack, constructed of hardwood with cast metal brackets, holds up to 15 wine glasses and five bottles of wine. Wall Mount Stemware and Wine Bottle Rack Image